Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More and More Into It...

Hello everyone...
Lately I've been getting more and more into playing Secondhand Lands, the fairy tales game (website: www.secondhandlands.com). Why? Here are a few reasons:
It's another 'more violent and entertaining' version of Animal Jam. And it's not really violent, you just do lots of quests that involve snuffing candles and pushing Humpty Dumpty off his wall and cutting off a stuffed animal's head for 'revenge' for these eggs (even though it will 'give you nightmares for eternity').
It's 3D. Generally 3D games have more areas to explore than 2D ones, and those areas are bigger. It's called 'more awesome'.
It's fair. There's no membership in Secondhand Lands. There's a special currency that you can buy with real money, but there's a currency exchange, too, so that you can get some of it from other players in exchange for gold.
It's fun! Running around being attacked by robot mice is WAY more fun than it sounds.
It comes in a 'game pack'. When you download the game launcher, it comes with two other games as well. You can launch any of the games from the single launcher.
It's got more of a goal than just socializing. If no one's online, you can still play it and have fun.
Bye for now!

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