Saturday, July 2, 2011

"endangered" animals on Animal Jam?

Everyone knows that Elephants and Rhinos are both members only. The reason for that is they are both endangered animals so they are "rare." This is ridiculous because pandas are endangered also and they are non member! So Anmail jam's logic isnt consistent.

Here are even MORE non member endangered animals in animal jam:

Thats all i can think of right now. but Animal Jam Hq is just looking for excuses to make things member. They look for every possible opportunity to atract people to become members, for money!! have i made my point?

well i guess they have to make money somehow... its just strange.

I am going on vacation today and wont be back until July 8th. I wont have access to the internet or email. So bye! i will try to come to the party before i leave but no promises.


  1. Well...actually it depends which seal you're talking about and wolves have now been taken off the endangered list. I'm pretty sure the seal is a harper seal...Which aren't endangered. But yes...that makes NO sense!

  2. Wcc Mod bunnylove3July 02, 2011

    @ silverstorm
    okay i edited the post =)

  3. @ Everyone:
    This is a very intriguing concept... But there may be other reasons.
    Who knows why? Maybe they were just used as things to try to get more money.

  4. ~Twinkle Windywolf~September 05, 2011

    Actually, no. As I remember, when I joined AJ, the seal had been member, then the next day it was non member. I think next new animals we have in 2 weeks (just estimating) elephants and rhinos will be non member. They are just taunting non members.


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