Friday, July 1, 2011

The new monthly gift

Hey guys!I was on AJ and I noticed the new monthly gift!It's spiked collars and wrist bands!
There's my yellow collar.

And that's my pink wrist band!They come in a lot of  colors.Such as blue a black pink yellow,there's a lot more I believe.


  1. Cool! I got a blue wristband:)

  2. :( I didnt get one cause I'm a non member. But I'm glad they didnt send it to us and then say we couldnt open it like last time......:)

  3. @ Everyone:
    Whoa... That's interesting...
    @ Jindo:
    It is curious that they didn't send it. That also means that for those of you who might want to get membership but get it RIGHT AFTER the 'monthly gift' won't get it, however.

  4. @MaddieFox
    My friend who didn't like their wrist band gave it to me...Idk why though.

  5. I got a Pink Wrist Band. And why are the pictures blurry?

  6. @Princess
    I don't know...When I had them before they weren't...

  7. i got a red one and i just blew off some firecrackers XD!!!

  8. @ Princess:
    The reason the pictures are blurry is because they were originally supposed to be small pictures. If they hit 'Actual Size' instead of 'Medium' in the picture settings, they wouldn't be blurry. I usually go with 'Large' or 'XLarge' when I have pictures, unless if they're small ones. Then I use 'Medium' or 'Actual Size'.


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