Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Lost Pages of AnimalJam.Com

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to take you on a little 'tour' of The Lost Pages of AnimalJam.Com, the literal version of Lost Temple of Zios.
So, here are some screenshots, and a way to get to the most important things. Here are links to every single 'Lost Page' on the site.
Page - Page Info
Game Guide - Overview page, lots of links to the different pages, including a tie-back to the membership page, which is, unfortunately, updated, and doesn't tie back to this page.
Animal Lore - Game information. Provides information about the shamans (the first six only) and the actual Animal Jam story, with how Jamaa was created, etc. This is continued by an old newspaper article on AJR, the third page.
Downloads - Wallpapers, chat icons, and more! Really cool stuff... maybe I'll get a Greely icon for Xat... Hmm... Remember that you'll probably want the AIM icons, because I don't think Xat allows animated pictures...
Jammer Central - This page has been semi-updated, although it still has Mutant Spookybeast up (since before Halloween) and all the information on it is the same. The background and stuff is different, however.
Blog - Animal Jam's (abandoned) blog.
Press - Crazy news articles about Animal Jam.
Media Kit - PDF downloads of things.
Press Downloads - Souped up download page with WAY more variety... including shamanless enviornment screenshots and a few other things.
As you can tell, is a HUGE world. And there are more pages than this that I didn't even show you, like the biographies of people and other news articles and stuff like that. Animal Jam's website is a maze and we are the mice; find your way around in it.
If you look on some of the pages that haven't been touched, you see the cooler old site stuff. I have no idea why they got rid of it, but it's sad that they did. You also get to see the few 'previews' that we saw of the lands. It's fun to go back and see what was there :)
Bye for now!


  1. I remember most of these. I started Animal Jam in November, back before they had "makeover". I've seen the "Jammer Central" a thousand times, and Mutant Spookybeast was never the jammer spotlight. Also, what happened to the pop-ups each time you logged on???

  2. i remember them for sure

    i stated playing animal jam December or November ( i didn't have any membership)

  3. @ Silverstorm:
    Well, Mutant Spookybeast 'expired'. You could only see him on there. Everything else was up to date. They just removed the links to those pages and forgot about them.
    @ millicy:
    Hmm... Might be a fluke, somehow... Some people still used those pages before they realized they weren't being updated... Hmm...

  4. I know all of them, but I only found out those pages in FEBRUARY. I didnt know them since it was BETA. Maybe we should contact AJ HQ to keep on the pages.

  5. this will definately supprize you, but Mutant spookybeast is NOT a boy. Heck, another suprize is, this is the actual mutant spookybeast posting a comment right on this website!

  6. FunPinkyPinkyJuly 28, 2011

    Woodswolf I think AJ reads your blog because now all those pages have been deleted.

  7. @ Mutant Spookybeast:
    Whoa... well, that's awesome!
    @ FunPinkyPinky:
    We already have proof. They commented a bunch of times a while ago. I thought it was just a scam. BUT... if the pages have been deleted, well, that's just downright they read it... and regularly, too!

  8. @ Everyone:
    Although, it is a disappointment that they have been deleted. I mean, where can you read the bios for the Shamans now? They're not on the collector cards, etc. They were on the Animal Lore page. And that's gone now. :(


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