Friday, August 19, 2011

Game Reviews: Animal Jam, Free Realms and Wizard101

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to inform you that I am now doing GAME REVIEWS!
Just know that as WCC is a non-profit organization, companies can't pay for their games to get good reviews. No bribes, in other words. They can, however, comment and ask for their game to be reviewed.
So, here are the first few games!

Animal Jam:
Pros: Big playerbase, fun, earning money is fast, lots of codes (alphabetic), no download
Cons: Membership has too many benefits, overrun with hackers/scammers, updates only every two weeks, small game world
Rating (one * to five *, five is best): ****

Free Realms:
Pros: Huge game world, 3D, lots of jobs, no download, quests, membership 'disappears' in isolated areas, lots of codes (alphanumeric), fast leveling, no hackers, farming is awesome, other stuff
Cons: Membership and Pay Money (Known as Station Cash or SC) is not a good mix, only one character per account (on free to play)
Rating (one * to five *, five is best): *****

Pros: 3D, quests, no hackers, infinity characters per account if you want, lots of codes (there's a site that's associated with the publisher that gets you them)
Cons: Membership and Pay Money (Known as Crowns) is not a good mix, small game world (for non-members/crownlesses), leveling up is slow after about level 10, no quest-dropping tool
Rating: (one * to five *, five is best): **

That's a conclusion of today's reviews!
Bye for now!


  1. um could you add rabbents? (click the name to go) even people unsigned up can play!

  2. arnt u goin to do dah animal jam updates woodswolf?

  3. Hmmmm...I'd give AJ a five stars because it's part of National Geographic and they try to save big cats and other endangered animals.:D


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