Saturday, August 13, 2011


hi jammers...i'm not happy today...i was going to log onto AJ but it said: this account is under suspension, this is permanent! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! and i have a NONMEMBER glove on that account! if someone hacked into my account i would be furious! i was talking about hacking the other day! please help someone, i would really like my glove back! and i wasn't any old grey glove, it was pink. ohw! any way listen up: he new account is .....:biscuitaboo, ok? so biscuit-a-boo. biscuitaboo! that's near enough, so my friends, please send me a friend request! especially, knight magicclaw!


  1. ill send you a friend request but don't worry and maybe if you talk about bad stuff you can get banned

  2. Yeah...Super bad...So your new user is Biscuitaboo?


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