Friday, August 19, 2011

Imposter of Wolfrock12/Silverstorm..?

Hi...This is bad news for Silverstorm...I think some one impostered you...Take a look:

The weird thing is that the name is not Wolfrock12*something*. Maybe its an imposter, maybe not...I hope its not....



  1. eghem...
    the name "Silverstorm" use to be popular. If you remember, wolfrock's user is wolfrock12. and imposters usually look like the person impostered. it's ok. not an imposter

  2. I'm going to check if they are an imposter. I saw somebody called Silverstorm once but they're wolf was nothing like mine.

  3. They aren't an imposter. All of their animals are pink or red, unlike mine.

  4. The Silverstorm ajacount I sent a request to before I wisited WAJB


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