Friday, August 5, 2011

Anybody find it strange?

Hello everyone...
Does anybody find it strange that Animal Jam hasn't been updated and it's almost SATURDAY? I mean, come on... Or is it changing to only being updated every MONTH? Or what's wrong?
Bye for now! And sorry I haven't been posting for a while... nothing to post about!


  1. I honestly don't know. Maybe they're a bit short on cash, or they're just late. Even if it was just one month, wouldn't it still be updated since it's August?

  2. Medieval sunnygemAugust 05, 2011

    Maybe there working on something BIG!

  3. Oh it's okay....Maybe they're planning a HUGE update!Or maybe they just don't have anything new to put on...

  4. I's really weird...I've completly lost track of when the last update was, but it seems like it's been fooooooreeeeever.>=(

  5. And it even weirder. AJ HQ gave this thing written Animaljam will be doing a short update in 1 minute. And it did nothing? Like, it loged me out for NOTHING?! It was super weird. Really.
    -Explorer AKA Mythical

  6. There fixing servers I remember some glitches where people couldn't connect.

  7. @ Everyone:
    Well, I like the fact that a theory that's been showing up a lot is a BIG update.
    Another thing I'm thinking of is... what if it goes from every other week to every month? Wouldn't that be lame?
    Maybe they'll stop updating altogether? Who knows?
    @ Tigerstripe:
    They should get more in the process! Every server is getting too full!

  8. Ummmm do you think virtual worlds update every day???? Does Club Penguin, Dizzywood, etc. update every day???? NOOOOOOO. They just did a lot of updating at first because Animal Jam was going through a "new" stage. Now they're having a break since they did A LOT of new stuff.

    And what's this idea that Animal Jam is running out of money??? They will NEVER run out of money people. They are NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for heaven's sake!!!!!
    They get donations, they sell magazines, they get money for helping animals, can you even imagine how much money they get to help "save the planet"????

    They WONT run out of money and it's not like a website updates every hour people!!! Gosh.

  9. i agree with the above person ... they already included a new place, new animals, and pets. (which are HUGE new things) in the past month. not to mention new clothes, dens, and furniture ...... that was all in the past month. i think that they are just having a break since they did lots of updates lately

  10. What I here from some blogs is that Gjr said they were gonna update In TWO WEEKS!With A BUNCH of new stuff!Just you guys wait!!!

  11. wolvesofbeyondAugust 09, 2011

    i think i know why. there was another blog and someone who was a moderator and the email said that they are going to have a animal on animal jam in 2 weeks!


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