Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Imporant notice

its odd back to the past got me thinking..and i loved animaljam so mutch back then it was way better and i think i should yell at animaljam...I mean there should be no members and no non members everyones = in real life so why cant we all be = in aj? I think we should stand up to aj and give then what the need!! Alot of times aj changes people and make the stuck up snobs but i know none of us are like that right? I think the right way is to let us make our own clothers!! make our own den items, dens!! All that stuff And we need to stand up for our rights not for memberships stand up for each other What i think we all need to do first is take a brake from aj and send aj hq a e-mail all right? I know im not the boss but is enough of us do it it might happen

- you most loving friend wolves are awsome


  1. AJ UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Uhhhh One Problem wolf are awesome animal jam would be gone if we didn't have members members make animal jam keep on going.

  3. Members get more stuff because they pay and keep AJ up. Sure, not everything's fair, but it's way more fair than Club Penguin.

  4. How are they sposed to make money! There arn't the animals we are!

  5. Silkystorm Aka VirgobunnyAugust 27, 2011

    Yea, so what? I only pay 5 dollars a month for infinite membership. Silverstorm is right, they keep AJ up. Not evertyhing is fair, but... as everyone knows, life is a game of Calvinball.


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