Wednesday, August 31, 2011


HI guys. look what was on my blog in a comment:

Anonymous said...

this blog sucks no one will come to your party bicutboo -tech66

WHAT! if that wasn't you, tech, no offence. you seemed really nice when i met you. i think someone is impersonating tech. something like this happened to key too, and i wanna say this to the impersonating tech, or real one, whichever posted that comment: KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS TO YOURSELF! IF YOU GOT NOTHING NIE TO SAY DONT BOTHER TALKING AT ALL! GRR! 
so tech? did you do that comment? IF SOMEONE IF IMPERSONATING TECH66 I WILL GET THEM!
ps come to my party in one hour now! if you can!


  1. well your blog DOES suck

  2. i think that it's not the real tech99 cuz no one puts who they are on a comment like that

  3. unless they want to get in to trouble with the one they said it too and the one they said it too's friends

  4. @ annymouse
    alright look u fat peice of shit i dont give a fuck anymore ucan be a total faggot and just say stupid ass shit like that but let me be honest i dont like buscuit boo that much either but i dont fuckin say it cuz i have some self asteem and i dont get my fuckin "warm fuzzy" from upsetting a 10 yr old so just shut the fuck up it ain't none of u biz... prick
    @ buscuit boo
    no ur not c'mon

  5. AJ UPDATED!!!! GO SEE!!! NOW!!!

  6. thx tigerstripe! and how do you know i'm ten?

  7. @ buscuit boo
    I didn't = )

  8. ~Twinkle Windywolf~September 04, 2011

    ****** go to **** cuz your just a ******* an ya should shut the **** up! @ millicy I think you are right. Also why Anononmus here (who is ****** *****) did not put a name. We may have tracked him\her down if she\he put a name. Like if Anonumus put their AJ username, we may have tracked him\her down. @biscuitboo I kinda dont like you THAT much, but I dont dislike you, and I think we should ignore ol Anononmus, and hop she gets a good warning and gets ashamed from this comment. @Tigersripe\Blackear You are right, Anonomus is a ****** pile of **** and they should go to **** and is a *****. @ Anononomus you are a **** ***, ***, and ya ****** well deserve a good ******* on ya ***.

  9. I was Anonymous, Biscuitboo, ya blog sucks.

  10. TwinkleWindywolfSeptember 05, 2011

    millicy, someones impersonating you ,I think Anonymous.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. @ TigerStripe Tigerstripe your a bitch. Posting that comment on my blog you can go die in a hole for all I care. I did nothing to you so just fuck off away from me AND my chat AND my blog.

  13. OMG I am SO sorry guys,it seems that my computer blocked me from ur site on Google/internet because Xat blocked me form this site,thinking u are tring to steal my Xats,ethier way,I have no Xats,and never will.

    P.S If this doesn't work again,I will always be avalable on DCP (darling's Code Palace)



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