Saturday, August 27, 2011


I got scammed for meh grey NM glove! Maybe I will contact AJ HQ...My pure glove...Im so sad...I just got it back from hacker last month...Im so sad...DX
Here is how he scammed meh:
He gave me a request for his NM bat wings for my glove. He kept on clicking the cancel button. So he pretended that there was some thing wrong so I had to do it faster. So when he pretended that it worked, he traded his MEMBER wings for meh glove! Dont fall for that trick! But Im still so sad...My beloved glove...DX I already got scammed 6 times and hacked twice...Tell me if I should continue playing, quit or contact AJ HQ to see if I can get meh glove back...DX

-MythCat2907 in SUPER sad mood DX


  1. bunnylove3August 28, 2011

    Hey, you can have my glove! as long as you give it back in a month or two, my mom gave it too me as a gift so i dont wanna give it away forevea.


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