Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News Flash!!!

I was on aj today and i went to my den everything gone!! even my plushies!! I went to swich animal it said are theses the animals you want? Then i went to others dens everything gone there too!! I dont know what to do!! Im sorry i didnt get photos but you guys get it right?!?!

                                                                                 THIS WAS A EMERGNCY REPORT BY

                                                                       WOLVES ARE AWESOME                                               


  1. aj uses the excuse "phantoms messed up peoples dens" so everyone wouldn't think that aj hq had just deleted and readded things.

  2. Whenever they say "phantoms messed up stuff" it usually means that they are fixing a glitch or something that makes dens stuff disappear.

  3. Wolves, I know what happened. I think. Were you a member?
    If so, it's your worst nightmare. But based on what you said... I'm not sure.

  4. Same happened here. Also new game pill bugs non show up


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