Saturday, October 27, 2012

Doodle Dare of the Day: Darling's Bunny

Hello everyone!
So, Darling dared me on chat today to draw a bunny flying through space on a bubble.
 Here is the Doodle Dare of the Day:
There. I hope you're happy, Darling.
Bye for now!

UPDATE: Party Time Changed

Hello everyone!
Well, sorry about this, but I have to move the party two hours earlier :P
 I hope this doesn't cause problems for anyone...
Location: Phantom Vortex
Server: Flint (Back-up is Kootenay)
Date: October 27th, 2012
Time: 3:00 CST

Bye for now!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello everyone!
Well, today I got on AJ to see a very exciting sight: NEW LOADING SCREENS!
Take a look at those! Aren't they just awesome? :D
Greely is so boss XD
Long story short, I knew it was a new update! Hooray!

So, I log on. There it was: new Jamaa Journal, talking all about the new Arctic Wolves!
Also, on the third page, it says that an animal will be released to non-members again! Take a look!
 Sea turtles! Soon they'll be the only non-member ocean-only animal! :D
At this point, I'm not sure if I'll get a sea turtle instead of my penguin (it might be more convenient than having to keep switching between the two of them on land...) but at the same time, I love my penguin. :P

Also, now they have new information on the Shamans again! Finally! It makes my Personality Test finally mean something again!
Even though according to the new information, it's a bit inaccurate... kinda... maybe... I dunno at this point, really. Whatever. :P
Anyway, I think that's about it for this week's update...
Bye for now!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Arctic Wolves:The story

Okay,so a lot has been going on about Arctic wolfs,huh? That's because for once in everyones lives, AJ's Daily Explorer has something useful.Arctic wolfs are like Lions,You get them with gift cards at Walmarts in the US. I'm getting one soon...I HOPE.....I think..whatever. Jeez,AJ sure likes to overreact ,dont they


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halos and Tombstones

Hey jammers! I  got to yesterday's new Eyeball Hats, sold in the Haunted Forest. What do you think of the new colors?
Meanwhile, today's new clothing item was the underwater Halo (same colors as last year), sold in Bahari Bargains.
The furniture item of the day is the Coral Tombstone (all new!) sold in the pages of the underwater Sunken Treasures.
Also, here are some new posts on the Daily Explorer!
Did you know that the Arctic Wolf
can attend the Wolves Only Party?
Also, here are some new posts on the Daily Explorer!
Happy jamming everyone!

all credit goes to snowyclaw ^^

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arctic Wolves?

Hello everyone!
Well, today I was walking around Jamaa Township when I saw a very strange-looking animal. At first I thought it was a fox, but then I realized that its neck was too long, and wondered about the fur on its neck.
What it was surprised me: I was looking at a new animal - an arctic wolf.
How did I know it was an arctic wolf? Well, take a look here:
What it leads me to think is very intriguing: I think I may have discovered a new AJHQ test account.
Here's my evidence:

First thing: There are no new items on AJ Outfitters besides the shirts, and those have been out for a while.
Second thing: 'Arctic Wolf' is not a natural name combination. It leads me to think that it's another animal similar, perchance, to 'King of the Jungle' for the paid-card lions.
Third thing: It was the first arctic wolf that I've seen. Yes, yes, I'm not on AJ much, but they probably would announce something like this in the Jamaa Journal.
Fourth thing: The AJ newspaper did not mention arctic wolves at all. It did not even hint that a new animal would be coming out soon.
Fifth thing: AJHQ test accounts have been found out before. Take sizzlerat, for example.
Sixth thing: It's wearing tail armor. This could be a throwback to sizzlerat, or a nod of sorts.

The best part about it is that tigertaco2011, if it is an AJ test account, has not yet been removed from the search. That means that, in theory, we could leech information off of this new account for a while, at least until we figure out what it is.
Well, this is exciting!
Bye for now!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WCC's Annual Costume Party Details!

Hello everyone!
Well, I guess WCC's been around for a year... so I decided to finally call it 'annual'. XD
So, here's this year's information!

Location: Phantom Vortex
Server: Flint (Back-up is Kootenay)
Date: October 27th, 2012
Time: 5:00 CST

Anyway, since this is a costume party, everyone who comes should dress up in a super-silly costume! The best costume will win a prize! We'll have a Member and Non-Member division (since some of the better accessories are for members only).
Remember, you don't have to wear just the Halloween items - you can wear anything! Any combination of items can make sense, as long as you have some sort of idea behind it :D

See you at the party!
Bye for now!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hello everyone!
There's so much stuff to run down in this new update! Let's just start right away!
Well, the biggest thing this update is most definitely that the Phantom Vortex has returned! I remember back when I was still roleplaying as a doctor - I used to be curing Phantom's Disease all the time... *sigh*

The disappointing thing is that they never changed the music this year in Jamaa Township! It's still the same old Jamaa Township music... and they never removed Mira's sparkles and heavenly rays XD
Anyway, let's get back to the Phantom Vortex.

In there, there's a game. It's right in the center of this amazingly labor intensive screenshot that I so graciously provided for you guys </sarcasm>:
Well, not right in the center, but top center. :P
So, anyway, that's a minigame called Phantoms!
No, literally. That's its title. They could have named it something a bit more creative, but we're not on their design team, are we?
So, anyway, in that minigame, if you beat level 5, you win... A PHANTOM FOUNTAIN!
So... does this remind you of anything? I wonder if it's a subtle hint by AJ HQ that only means certain things to certain people... They used to read this blog, you know, unless those were fake comments...
Moving on...

So, there's also this epic new party! The Haunted Forest Party!
So, first thing. There's some swirly mists in the bottom left corner. They're the same mists as in the Spooky Party - they make you go ghost.
*ends Danny Phantom reference*
Anyway, there's also two shops with rare accessories: one for den items and one for clothing.
You wanna click the moon, punk? You wanna click the moon? I dare you to click the moon. Yeah. Yeah. I dare you.
*cue takeover by demon bats*
The best part about that is that each bat is random! They're just the bat pets that they animate in Flash (AJ is programmed in Adobe Flash - an animating software) to get absolutely gigantic and then fly off the screen.
Anyway, I think that's about all the important stuff... somebody won the Jam -A-Gram contest... Yeah. So...
Bye for now!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy World Animal day!

Today is AJ's 3rd annual World Animal Day.I think this would mean that the banners would be back. Oh well,nothing much but that and the new pets to really see until da da da,DA DA,dada dududa dudo(horridly trys to mimic Spooky Old Bones)whatev,see you!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pet Tarantulas!

It’s the first day of October and this month’s gift is…

Yup another pet gift and they made this spider the creepiest, cutest pet in jamaa!
(At least in my opinion)

When you click them they make a web on the ground and jump on it!

And apparently they don't like water so when you go into a pond/ocean/river they hang on a thread so they don't get wet!

and that's all!

Goodbye for now!