Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hello everyone!
There's so much stuff to run down in this new update! Let's just start right away!
Well, the biggest thing this update is most definitely that the Phantom Vortex has returned! I remember back when I was still roleplaying as a doctor - I used to be curing Phantom's Disease all the time... *sigh*

The disappointing thing is that they never changed the music this year in Jamaa Township! It's still the same old Jamaa Township music... and they never removed Mira's sparkles and heavenly rays XD
Anyway, let's get back to the Phantom Vortex.

In there, there's a game. It's right in the center of this amazingly labor intensive screenshot that I so graciously provided for you guys </sarcasm>:
Well, not right in the center, but top center. :P
So, anyway, that's a minigame called Phantoms!
No, literally. That's its title. They could have named it something a bit more creative, but we're not on their design team, are we?
So, anyway, in that minigame, if you beat level 5, you win... A PHANTOM FOUNTAIN!
So... does this remind you of anything? I wonder if it's a subtle hint by AJ HQ that only means certain things to certain people... They used to read this blog, you know, unless those were fake comments...
Moving on...

So, there's also this epic new party! The Haunted Forest Party!
So, first thing. There's some swirly mists in the bottom left corner. They're the same mists as in the Spooky Party - they make you go ghost.
*ends Danny Phantom reference*
Anyway, there's also two shops with rare accessories: one for den items and one for clothing.
You wanna click the moon, punk? You wanna click the moon? I dare you to click the moon. Yeah. Yeah. I dare you.
*cue takeover by demon bats*
The best part about that is that each bat is random! They're just the bat pets that they animate in Flash (AJ is programmed in Adobe Flash - an animating software) to get absolutely gigantic and then fly off the screen.
Anyway, I think that's about all the important stuff... somebody won the Jam -A-Gram contest... Yeah. So...
Bye for now!


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    1. I MIGHT Be Getting My Laptop? I Hope So! I Want Back On Xat And AJ ;A;

  2. Hello! It's me, Limekitten! Only I now go by Patchpaw and have a Blogger account! Yes, I am back. I have a blog too! It's called Animal Jam Kittens!


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