Monday, May 16, 2011

What Animal Are You? Personality Test

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to show you this personality test I made. This will help you determine which animal you are. I based it off of the personalities of the Shamans. Here it is:

What Animal Are You?
1. What is your best quality?
A. I'm majestic.
B. I'm a tinkerer.
C. I'm quite clever.
D. I'm friendly.
E. I'm brave and powerful.
F. I'm DIFFERENT, and I like it that way!

2. What is another important thing about you?
A. I am quite a fighter.
B. I like inventing things.
C. I don't usually follow the orders of anyone I consider 'below me'.
D. I'm always cheerful.
E. I love exploring.
F. I'm a musician or artist.

3. What is your favorite school subject?
A. History and/or Social Studies.
B. Mechanics and/or Physics.
C. Science and/or Math.
D. Lunch.
E. Counseling.
F. Art and/or Music.

4. In a few words, describe your attitude.
A. Serious, soft-spoken, respectful.
B. Friendly, hyper, funny.
C. Rude, reverent (respect your god(s) and/or godess(es)).
D. Happy, hungry.
E. Kind, encouraging, gentle.
F. Loud, fiesty, independent, friendly.

5. If you saw a phantom, what would you do?
A. Go for the kill!
B. Ignore it.
C. Try to trap and study it.
D. Tell someone after you've eaten.
E. Run around Jamaa telling everyone!
F. Try to scare it off with loud noises.

Do you have your results? If not, tally your results now...

If you answered mainly A's, you are a TIGER! Sir Gilbert is your shaman.
If you answered mainly B's, you are a MONKEY! Graham is your shaman.
If you answered mainly C's, you are a WOLF! Greely is your shaman.
If you answered mainly D's, you are a KOALA! Cosmo is your shaman.
If you answered mainly E's, you are a PANDA! Liza is your shaman.
If you answered mainly F's, you are a RABBIT! Peck is your shaman.

Read more about your shaman here! Tell everyone what animal YOU are in the comments!

Want to celebrate your animal, but, for example, don't have enough gems to buy another one, or you already have all of your animals and don't want to recycle them? Here's a solution:
If you are a member, go ahead and buy one of those giant animal plushies in the Animal Museum. They only cost 500 gems.
If you are a non-member, there are currently a few types of 'Animal Banners' you can put in your den (again in the Animal Museum). Currently there are only Wolf and Monkey for non-members and Tigers and Rabbits(or was it one of the others?) for members. Another method (for a non-member Tiger, for example) is to go to the Claw Machine in Crystal Sands and play until you win your animal's plushie (in this case, Tigers and Pandas are the most common and won't take long to come by. Koalas are currently the rarest along with wolves). If you run out of gems before you get your animal's plushie, you can always come talk to me. I have plenty of extra plushies (and am willing to fish for any plushie you desire. I have gems to waste =D) and we can organize a fair trade (for example, if you have a rare you don't wear we can trade for it, because I'm gonna need prizes if we're gonna keep having contests *hint hint*).
Hope this helps (and was interesting =D)!
Bye for now!


  1. @ Everyone:
    I'm a wolf, BTW. Isn't that convenient? =D
    Also, I was basing this off of my off-site personality. Yes, I'm a wolf, and I'm proud of it ;)

  2. ok sooo on 1 c and d on 2 f on 3 I'M HOMESCHOOLED!!!!!!!!! but at home i like art and music on 4 b on 5 c, e or f.

  3. CoolGuy7844May 16, 2011

    im a panda, but i lyk rabbits...what should i do???

  4. I'm a wolf! YAY! But some of the C's were TOTALLY not me! I don't really like math, but science makes up for that.

  5. LOL! I was almost a rabbit! There was only one more C than F!

  6. WOAH!I answered ALL Fs!I'mma PURE bunny!(I know why.CUZ all that stuff I do!)And since I'm member,I got a HUGE bunny plushie,a small bunny plushie AND a bunny hat!I'm a bunny and I'm PROUD of it!

  7. Wcc Mod bunnylove3May 16, 2011

    im a BUNNY! wow my favorite animal what are the chances of that???

  8. Wcc Mod bunnylove3May 16, 2011

    im a bunny but im not very loud or independant....

  9. @ CoolGuy:
    You don't have to do anything. If you want to celebrate your personality, you can put a panda plushie up in your den, or do one of the other options I listed. If you have an extra animal slot, maybe you could get a panda for your 'personality match'. But if you don't want to do anything you don't have to. This is just something fun I put up =D
    @ millicy:
    Then it looks like you're a Rabbit, millicy! ;)
    @ Silverstorm:
    I know, some of them aren't me either, and some parts of some of the answers aren't me, but it's really close for me.
    And the rabbit thing is funny, BTW. =D
    @ Darling:
    Wow! Tell Peck that you are best buds! ;)
    @ Key99:
    @ bunnylove3:
    Your case is convenient as well!
    But who cares if you're not that? Majority rules! ;)
    @ Everybody:
    So here's the current 'running total':

    Wolves: 2
    Rabbits: 4
    Pandas: 1

    If you haven't tried it yet, DO IT! You might be surprized! ;)

  10. Wcc mod hjacklerMay 17, 2011

    e.a.a.f.a Ima tiger :)

  11. You know whats weird?Most people that I know are bunnies...probably because we all LOVE bunnies and we act like Peck.So maybe that's why we all fit in together....That's why.....

  12. @ Darling:
    Possibly... You have a point there.

  13. Medieval sunnygemMay 17, 2011

    I'm a rabbit.But,Already have a bunny plushie and a bunny.Maybe I should throw a party for bunnies.

  14. @ Midieval:
    You don't have to. You don't have to do anything with it if you don't wnat to. But you could! ;)

  15. FunPinkyPinkyMay 18, 2011

    I was a monkey. =-D

  16. @ FunPinkyPinky:
    LOL! =D

  17. AnonymousMay 19, 2011

    I'm a bunny cause i love art (i'm the drawer BEST in my school!)and i'm playin' piano and guitar!!!!*wink wink* well i do love bunnies! I have LOADS of bunnies on my animaljam accounts!!!!
    Oh and HIP HIP HOORAY for Peck the punk rock rabbit!(Punk rock rabbit.Artist and rebel.)

    Explorer Snowypet Mythical Magicspirit AKA adelina

  18. @ adelina:
    Yes. I KNOW you have those cards. That's the exact description on there.


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