Sunday, May 1, 2011

The REAL Reason There Has Been No Non-Member Stuff Recently...

Hello everyone!
I just want to explain what I heard was the answer to why there's been no non-member stuff.
AJ is running out of $.
If they can't get more $, and FAST, they're gonna have to shut down the game.
AKA, the non-members kinda are 'parisites', if you know what I mean.
They need more members, and FAST.
I'm not sure how long AJ will be able to hold up... but once it costs more to own the site than the membership gives them, AJ will be gone.
So... yeah. They need more members.
Just in case if AJ DOES fall apart... I'm probably gonna try to introduce a new game.
I'm gonna give some options on a poll, including:

Free Realms (homepage:, POS*)
Wizard101 (homepage:, POS)
POS = Previously On-Site

Whoa... I just checked my e-mail, and apparently for playing Runescape, I've been chosen to play in the closed BETA of a new game, 8Realms. Should I blog about this? Hmm...
Bye for now!


  1. Thats one reason why I'm a member....

  2. we can also use other games:

    (Frogopia maybe)

    those are some more to take AJ's place if it falls.

  3. WCC MOD:Wolves are awesome (caitlyn22222)May 01, 2011

    I'll try to get a membership.....but my mom and dad might be glad about this....I don't like anything more....mabey its pretty fun I think. so mabey that can be new aj? But I hope aj stays stays online! So lets all try and be members try to do work around the house to earn money. Be respectful to parents. And mabey try and get a Zeevex card they really help you.
    use them on howrse (thats how you speel it) to get passes! Mabey can you Take some of my ideas?
    I have a Really good brain
    Plz note that this is a real problem!

  4. @ Darling:
    Yeah. Hopefully I can become a member... but I don't want for my account to be banned. If you stop your membership, is it permenant banning?
    @ Key99:
    Good suggestions... What's Wolfers and Rabbents?
    @ Wolves:
    I think everyone hopes AJ stays online... It's just the question of 'Will it?'
    And I agree, it is a real problem.

  5. WCC MOD:Wolves are awesome (caitlyn22222)May 01, 2011

    Guess we have to take things into our own paws.
    Plz animaljam guides if you come here plz look at my other comment

  6. WCC MOD:Wolves are awesome (caitlyn22222)May 01, 2011

    @ aj guide (animaljam)
    Mabey lower the prices on the memberships?herchrever

  7. I think they're doing OK with money...

  8. @ Oopsy:
    And I think they may be as well. Maybe they just want more money? I don't know.
    I'm just going off of what I heard from someone on chat a while ago.

  9. bunnylove3May 01, 2011

    you do realize wolfers means a wolf hunter right?

  10. @ bunnylove3:
    Oh well... thanks for the info.

  11. WCC MOD:Wolves are awesome (caitlyn22222)May 01, 2011

    Fuzzy why where you online? aj?

  12. @ Wolves are awesome:
    Assuming that you mean why she's on WCC, it's because she comes here for info now as well.
    If it's another question... I don't know what you're talking about.

  13. Uhhhhh how would they be running out of money when they are the most famous magizine sellers?! they get money EVERYDAY! LOTS of people but their magizines! HOW WOULD THEY BE RUNNING OUT OF $?!?!!?!!?!!?!?!!

  14. They aren't running out of money!They have LOTS OF IT!I mean they have magazines,games and TV shows!!!Srsly!

  15. The reason members get more stuff then non-members do is cuz they want ONLY members on there!! They don't like watching too many kids everyday! they r tring to make the non members stop playing AJ!!!!!!!

    P.S. I bet u will have to start PAYING for an animaljam account soon.......

  16. Thats ONE thing I MUST ask gjr888 about...He knows everything about AJ!(You know I'm talking about the guys whos dad is an AJ)

  17. @ pony_luve10 & Darling:
    Well, what I meant was they will start thinking AJ is a waste of money. They were given a certain budget to start out with. If they don't pay back the budget, it would be considered a waste of money. If it were a waste of money, they'd get rid of it.
    And, well, if we do have to start paying for it, I'll have to move on. My parents don't want to pay.

  18. Wcc mod: HjacklerMay 02, 2011

    Whoah thats kinda weird! i'll see if i can find some inside tips from my 100+ Buddies. And!!! im a mod again now!!!!!!!!!!yayayayayay!

  19. AnonymousMay 02, 2011

    Umm ... I don't think it'll run out of money because AJ is made by National Geographic! Anybody know what Nat Geo is? A very successful magazine!!! They sell hundreds of magazines every day! They won't go out of money! They might not be able to support AJ for a while (support = make new changes) but AJ will still run ... just no changes when and IF they run out of money. Just think about that. Plus, National Geographic gets a gazillion donations because they're "saving the planet" and stuff.

  20. FunPinkyPinkyMay 02, 2011

    What is the link for Wolfers?

  21. Wcc mod: HjacklerMay 02, 2011

    @ anonymous Thats what i was thinking.....BTw who are ya anonymous? whats your aj username? ill Buddy you. im kinda famous. so is woodswolf.

  22. @ Anonymous:
    But like I said, they want to make more money. You can't make a website for free, especially .com/.org domains. If they earn less money from membership than it costs to own the site, they will trash it.
    And like Hjackler said, what is your AJ username? We will both buddy you... if you want to be, that is.

  23. if aj falls we have nothing rebbints isnt finished and neither is wolfers or my game so we need likea concill of aj bloggers if that happens comment below if you want to join!

  24. @ Tigerstripe:
    That sounds like a good idea, actually.

  25. @ Tigerstripe (and other blog owners):
    The link to The Game Blogger Union is on a new post. I think this will come very much in handy.

  26. FunPinkyPinkyMay 03, 2011

    @ Hjackler
    Anonymous was me, FunPinkyPinky.
    I just commented as Anonymous cuz I wanted to get my opinion in real quick, sorry. You don't have to buddy me though ...

  27. @ FunPinkyPinky:
    So your prediction of Appondale was right (from that comment on AJR ages ago)! Nice work!

  28. FunPinkyPinkyMay 04, 2011

    it was kind of right ... just the name Appondale and the tree thing though

  29. @ FunPinkyPinky:
    Oh well! You were still right!


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