Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Animal 'Territories'?

Hey everybody!
Anyway, I've noticed this for a while... but does anyone think I could be right about it?
Here's my theory:

There are animal 'territories'. This is how it would work:
Everybody can go wherever they want to in Jamaa, but certain animals have their 'homes' in certain places.
For example, if you look at the map, you see an ELEPHANT on top of the Temple of Trivia building. That is where the ELEPHANTs' homes would be.
Then, if you go to Mt. Shiveer, you see a SEAL carving in the ice. That is where the SEALs' homes would be.
And if you go to Coral Canyons, you see a WOLF carving in the stone. This was explained in a VERY old Ask-A-Shaman that this used to be the dwelling of a WOLF pack.
And maybe if they come out with BIRDS sometime, Crystal Sands would be their home because of the big BIRD by the Canyons Pathway.
And, well, if you think about it, TIGERS live and hunt on plains like Appondale.
Also, KOALAS live in forests (although not quite like Sarepia; they could probably share Appondale, but for this purpose, we say they won't) and Sarepia is unoccupied, so... yeah.
So that's 6 animals (unless if birds never come). And there could be more.

THAT'S why there could be territories. Does anyone else have an idea where to fit the other animals?
Bye for now!
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  1. I came up with something like this based on animal habitats:
    Bunnies-Jamaa Township
    Koalas-Crystal Sands (Kind of...not really)
    Wolf-Anywhere but Appondale, Jamaa Township, or Crystal Sands
    Tigers-Temple of Zios? Or Appondale? I don't know! I'm not sure for all of these though.

  2. @Woodswolf
    You remember what I said on the animal predictions post?If you don't....Heres what I said:A tuccan and parrot may be on AJ.They probably will cause they don't have them....
    @everybody else
    Most of woodswolf's predictions were right.Same with SilverStorm
    Bunnies-Jamma Township
    Seals-MT Shiveer
    Wolves-Coral Canyons
    And if there WILL be birds-Crystal Sands
    Tigers-Probably Appondale too (cause you know where tigers live-AFRICA!)
    And I think my predictions are correct if not oh well,but if you know my friend he could tell you.(GJR888)

  3. @Darling
    I suggested tigers for Temple of Zios because they live in Asia. They could even live in Mt. Shiveer (Siberian Tigers live in Siberia).

  4. @ Silverstorm and Darling:
    You both have good points there.
    @ Everybody else:
    No, none of us are encouraging (or supporting!) clans going and 'claiming' lands as their own and saying that 'Mira gave them to you'. I've had this happen twice to me. Fortunately I've been able to report the 'ringleader'. But I still don't support it and I don't think anyone else here does either.

  5. @SilverStorm
    Yeah...Guess you're right.So I believe that the tigers' territories are-MT.Shiveer and Temple of Zios.
    Yeah...I don't like claiming lands.I try to make people stop it because they bully other 'weak' animals around such as bunnies and seals.And since I'm mainly a bunny on AJ,I stand up for the bunnies that can't stand up for them selves.So thats why I don't like people claiming lands and clans.For one thing nice people join bad clans and have to bully other animals around because the leader wants them to...
    One time,my friend was in ShadowClan...The first ShadowClan...You won't believe what she did...She was bullying and cussing at people on AJ.Including ME.And whenever I went into ShadowClan's "Territory"....BAD stuff happened....Thats what clans and territories can do to you.So just avoid at ALL times!

  6. @ Darling:
    Yes. Some very bad things happened to my friend as well. She had to report some of her close friends - BFFs, you know, friends made in BETA - because they joined Shadowclan. I think they are still friends with her to this day, but I have no idea.
    And not all clans do bad stuff like that... some, however, do.
    @ Everybody:
    If anyone is looking for a 'good' clan, we have one founded on WCC itself. Go and check out the 'Clans' page if you want more information. We're still deciding on meeting dates, however, so... it might be a while yet before we have an 'official' meeting.

  7. AnonymousMay 19, 2011

    Hiya jammers! Well I DO know the territories of the shamans(I saw them in National Geografic Kids magazine)so here they are:

    Peck:Canyons Pathway
    Liza:Jamaa Township
    Greely:Coral Canyons
    Sir Gilbert:Crystal Sands
    Graham:Lost Temple of Zios
    Cosmos:Sarepia Forest
    (not sure but maybe)Harper:Mt Shiveer
    (not sure but maybe)Otto:Appondale

    Explorer Snowypet Mythical Magicspirit AKA adelina (username)

  8. @ adelina:
    I know what you have!
    You have the original Shaman cards too, I see!

  9. Oh the Shaman cards!I forgot about those!

  10. @ Darling:
    Yeah! Do you have them too?

  11. Wcc Mod bunnylove3May 19, 2011

    there is a stone tiger carving in crystal sands...

  12. @ bunnylove3:
    Yeah. Nice work! ;)

  13. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    Yeah those are the ones i have its just i REALLY want to learn more about harper and otto.


  14. @ adelina:
    Me too... Me too.

  15. adelina (i figured out what the problem was with the computer!)May 29, 2011


    I think i know the personality of Harper and Otto!

    Harper: wise and serious.
    Otto: medicine expert and witch (the indien-the ones that existed by the cow boy time- or african).

    What dya think?

    adelina(future WCC mod?)


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