Monday, May 30, 2011

Hit the 'Ball' Harder!

Hello everyone!
Well, I'm just here to say that we've gotten a RECORD NUMBER of hits in May... about 100 more than last month!
So, now our all-time hits meter goes up... and we have over 8000 now!
Party? Next weekend? 3:00 CST? Saturday? Animal Museum? Anybody feel like it?
Or should we wait until the next next weekend, when I'm going to get out of school, for a School's Out For The Summer/Record Number of Hits Party?
Comment! What do you think?
Maybe we can even get AJiscool to show up... AJ's demo account from all the movies! ;)
Bye for now!


  1. If we had AjIsCool there, we'd have a BLAST!

  2. i think it would be a blast! i got out of school 26th of may.

  3. I agree with Key!

  4. and Woodswolf you can edit my thing I made a couple of errors with grammar and spelling 'cause um wordpad doesn't have the red line thing so... but the reason I'm posting on this is because I couldn't comment on the "story forum" thing

  5. I should be out June 2!!!!!!!!!(i hate school)

    -madisonrules(animal jam account)

  6. If I didnt give ya the idea of the party Woodswolf, would you even THINK about it? Oh ya and wich SERVER will it be?

    adelina (i will be my bunny Explorer Snowypet in the party!)

  7. @ Everyone:
    I'm out of school June 8th. We could have the party June 10th at that time, etc.
    We'll have it on whatever server is emptiest, probably one of those newer ones! If you haven't buddied me yet, do it, because then it won't matter what server you come on. You'll be able to teleport to the party.
    @ Key99:
    I agree! AJiscool would be a LEGEND...
    @ Animal Jam HQ:
    Wink wink! XD
    @ adelina:
    You're right. ;)
    Okay! Come!

  8. Woodswolf.... i know this is on an old post..... but ajiscool is BANNED. Most aj test accounts are banned anyway, but ajisawesome was banned as well.


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