Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sorry, and New Stuff!

Hello everyone...
I just have to say I'm sorry for recent inconvenience. Blogger just went and shut down for over a week (I haven't been able to post OR comment since then). So, sorry about that!
Anyway, it's the second week, so there's NEW STUFF!
Here's just a bit of it (M = member only):
Arcade machines - Play Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter in your den! M
Firefighter helmet M
Flat couch M
Picnic blanket M
Fox hat - Returning!
Member player cards have little 'flourish' on the 'teleport thing'.
Members can change nametag design

That's all I can list for now, unfortunately... cuz I have a really weird 'error'?
Is anyone else getting this? I'll show you some pictures:
Is anyone else getting stuff like this? Also, I can't move, and I can't see anyone's player card pictures.
So... I don't know...
ALSO: Keep your eye out for the 'What Animal Are You?' quiz I will be putting up soon... it's a kind of personality test. I've already taken it and I can tell you I am quite firmly a wolf ;)
Bye for now!


  1. WOAH!Thats Glitchy!Have you been in Township?You can get on the roof of Club Goez!Its SO weird!AJ gets more and more glitchy by the week!

  2. @ Darling:
    Well, I can't even MOVE, so yeah. I also can't:

    Customize my animal
    Do ANYTHING with Jam-A-Grams...
    See my animals
    Have text fade away
    And MORE!

    Isn't that a nice 'deal'?

  3. bunnylove3May 15, 2011

    yep that glitch happened to my brother. animal jam is SO messed up!
    you can actually walk on roofs =P

    im sad fox hats came back becuase i traded a ton of stuff for my fox hat and now its worth nothing =o(

  4. @ bunnylove3:
    I know. I've had problems for a while.
    And I am too. I have two of them... now worthless. They WOULD have been contest prizes.

  5. One time I was invisble (when I first started my blog), but not virtual player was invisble...

  6. Oops...typo! I meant that my player was only invisble, not everyone else's.


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