Friday, May 20, 2011

More Info on How It Will Work...

Hello everyone!
I don't know for sure, but I think some people may be confused about how writing Crane Feathers is going to work.
Well, here's a more detailed explanation:

People have already signed up for characters in the story. If you want to be a character, please sign up on the post below before next Friday! That's when I'm going to start writing the 'introducing the characters' part and possibly a bit of a 'prompt' in addition to it to get us started. Please note that if not enough people sign up, those that do can be TWO characters if they want to.
Next, well, I'm going to write about the characters, etc. This part is self-explanatory.
After that, the most confusing part, the competition, begins. Here's an example of what this will be like:
1. I read the part about the characters.
2. I get my imagination going!
3. I try to write a continuation of the story, like, a chapter, for example (try NOT to make an ending to the story. We want a big, long one, right?). Here's an example:
The cat, cloaked in night, ran into the shadows when it saw the phantom. The phantom was big, black, and crackled with electricity like a broken power line.
The cat watched the thing. Its one eye couldn't see her, but she felt it was watching her.
Suddenly, the phantom shot out a bolt of electricity to where she was hiding. The she-cat jumped and ran, but the electricity caught up with her and zapped her.
She watched the thing approach her...
This is just an example. Please don't use this.
4. After I finish writing my 'chapter', I post it in a comment on the Story Forum page (which is not enabled yet). Then I wait until Friday, when I (Woodswolf) will judge them. Note that I'm looking for writing that has lots of possibilities for directions. If I see a piece of writing that is almost a conclusion, well, it's probably not going to be picked. Before the winner's piece gets put on-site I will edit it to take out errors in spelling, grammar, etc.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 next week.

That's how most of it will work. Please note that I will be writing pieces only once every month or so just to 'help it along', but I will be posting them in a response to a person's story bit. This is how I can keep the story away from a conclusion if we're going to try to make this last for a year or longer.
I guess that's pretty much it.
If anyone has questions, comment on this post. I'll answer your wonderings ;)
Bye for now!


  1. @Woodswolf
    Nice sample story!And I hope we can keep this story going for at least a year and if possible MORE.And if there aren't enough people I can be two chars.

  2. @ Darling:
    Thanks! And I hope so as well... and if we get it long enough (and really good) maybe I can send it to some publishing place like Scholastic and have it become a REAL book. Wouldn't that be awesome?
    And thanks for your offer. Hopefully we'll have enough people... ;)

  3. bunnylove3May 20, 2011

    haha was your sample story me? or was it just a coincident?

  4. Wcc Mod bunnylove3May 20, 2011

    im sorry i need a little bit more info: what are the length requirements? and when are the chapters due? a certain day of the week?
    i think thats all the questions i have.
    thank you in advance!

  5. @ bunnylove3:
    No, it was just a coincedence.
    But... well, we've 'shared' dreams before... Inception?
    As for that, there are no length requirements. The chapters are due whenever you want to submit them (I judge them on Saturdays, however, so you want to submit them on Friday at the latest).

  6. bunnylove3May 21, 2011

    ok woodswolf
    we probobly dont actually share dreams but ours is definatley similar
    and inception was an awesome movie

  7. @ bunnylove3:
    I know, but still... it's just a 'scary story' we can share around a campfire...
    And I agree. It was AWESUM!

  8. Woodswolf-I told fans for my blog about this and gave them a link. Also I'll post my chapters on my blog (On a page), as well as in the comments.

  9. @ Silverstorm:
    Okay! I think that will work well! ;)


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