Saturday, April 30, 2011

CoE Updated on NEW Story Tab... and 5000 hit party?

Hello everyone!
I couldn't get around to it yesterday, but today I put up a new Story page, where you can go to take a look at the current story. This, otherwise, will most likely be the last mention of CoE outside of the Story tab.

Also, we have almost 5000 hits... 5000!!!!
We should have a party sometime soon! When should we have it?
Currently we're at 4339...
I dare us to try to get 5000 hits before May 14th. Do you think we can do it?
Bye for now!


  1. The new CoE is cool!I like it!XD

  2. does that have a Message in it?

  3. bunnylove3April 30, 2011

    your story is awesome!

  4. @ Everybody:
    Thanks! Wait until the next one...
    @ Hjackler:

  5. Yes, I bet we WILL get MORE then 5000 hits BEFORE may 14th!

  6. @ pony_luve10:
    Yes, it will be very easy. We already have almost 4600 ;)

  7. Wcc Mod bunnylove3May 03, 2011

    its hard to believe almost 5000 people have read this because only about 10 people ever comment.
    know what im sayin?

  8. wcc mod bunnylove3May 03, 2011

    woooot 4717 hits!!!!!!!

  9. @ bunnylove:
    It's because hits are different than viewers. Every time someone visits a site, the site gets a hit. We have almost 5000 hits, not viewers.


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