Sunday, April 24, 2011

@ 'Oopsy' (and Slidoo): Why do you have to keep bothering us?

This post is more aimed at Slidoo and 'Oopsy' (what Fuzzy calls herself now) than anyone else. But go ahead and read.
@ 'Oopsy' and Slidoo:
Why do you have to keep bothering us?
We haven't done anything.
We took away the stuff you wanted taken away.
So why? I don't understand.
Can't you just leave us alone? For once?
Sure, you can comment, but comment related to the post, or a code, or something! Not just telling us to 'remove this' or 'change that' or 'go over here'. It's not fun (or helpful) for anyone to read.
Like Hjackler said on a previous comment, we thought you were nice now! We did what you wanted to and you're still bothering. It's not exactly nice...
Also, another thing is that I play my own lawyer. I can come up with a good, snappy comeback for every rude comment you post. It's not exactly helping your 'image', if you know what I mean.
I don't want to have to turn on comment moderation... it's unfair to everyone. And ANYONE can recognize that.
So can you PLEASE STOP?????
I don't know how else to say it!
Bye for now, I guess...


  1. Huh? I never see her say that?


  3. @ Penelope:
    There are many things you can look at. Here's a really good one:
    I thought this was an Animal jam blog, not some random blog that posts stalking posts and pictures about people and random posts about already invented books. You might lose viewers for this, on account of you call this an animal jam blog. (call is italicized)
    Isn't that just great, right? *sigh*
    You can read the original text here:
    There are more. If you look around the site you are bound to find some.

  4. Also @ Penelope:
    By the way, several of them have probably already been removed when they made us remove the posts about the Fuzzy Crisis a while back. There were some REALLY bad ones on there. Like, AKA, in some cases, direct insult. But the one above stings. BAD.

  5. @Woodswolf

    And,of course you leave out all the things you've done to make me angry. Example, THIS POST! What do you not get by STOP posting stuff about me! And you're LYING, to! Some of it is LIES!

  6. Fuzzy! Shut up. You left AJR and now you're jealous of Woodswolf because he took all your fans. Don't be rude because of it, deal with it and have fun at Frogopia.


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