Thursday, April 7, 2011

In memoir to Fuzzy... I present...

Hello everyone...
This is just another post on the Fuzzy Crisis...
But... everyone knows how Fuzzy is a good artist, right?
Well... if you've taken/are taking an art class (or some math classes...) you may have heard of M.C. Escher.
I think Fuzzy would be very satisfied with what I've put/am putting together...


The idea for this book came to me a long time ago... but now it has meaning.
It's about a junior artist probably around 14 or so (no, I'm not 14. I just usually like to write about characters either slightly older or younger than me...) who ends up trapped inside an 'imaginary world' and has to escape. The book is more specific than I am, currently...
But... If you guys want to have it as a 'periodical' (like the AJ newspaper: it only comes around once every two weeks. I would probably have a section out every other week opposite the weekend when AJ releases the Jamaa Journal) it could work. I don't have it finished yet, so that's why it would have to be a periodical.
So... If you think this would be a good thing for WCC, 'raise your hand' in a comment.
Bye for now!


  1. Raises hand xD Can i help you write it a little? please? i Have taken 2 years of art and am a natural writr i would love to help with this project
    WCC mod:

  2. Hmm... I'd prefer not to have any help on this project (it's not anything I have against you... it's just that I currently have too much to add another author in the middle...).
    But... if you are a good writer... would you like to become a WCC columnist?
    All that you have to do is write a short little report about, for example, new things on AJ, once or twice a month. But you can pick any topic, like, for another example, secrets of AJ.
    So... if you want this job too... I can give you it.
    If you want it, tell me a convenient time you can meet me on chat.
    Bye for now!

  3. Ok! i will take it!
    i love writing Just tell me something to write about xD
    WCC mod

  4. i can meet you on chat at 5:00 mountain time!

  5. Okay! That'll work then!
    Choose any topic you desire. If you need an idea, just ask me on chat ;)

  6. bunnylove3April 08, 2011

    wow that sounds so cool!!!!
    raises hand*

  7. Okay... the first issue will be posted 2 Fridays from now! KK, ppl?

  8. Virgobuny ( I heart fuzzy)August 12, 2011

    What Fuzzy crisis?

  9. Virgobunny who wants that job!August 12, 2011

    Also... Meet me tommorow in the pillow room... Anytime from 7:00 - 9:00 AM,Central time zone.


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