Monday, April 25, 2011

I Have (not) Kicked Both of You. Reason: ...

Hello everyone.
I just want to give everyone the 'Cliffs Notes' on what happened on chat today.
I don't have pics, but here's my summary:
Hjackler and I started out angry at Fuzzy for fact that she was posting all of these rude comments (Yes, Fuzzy... Even if you don't think they're rude, they are! It hurts everyone's feelings. If you think it's just 'nothing', well, it's not). Darling comes on and fighting breaks out. Then, after a bit, Hjackler leaves, and I say this:

I have (not) kicked both of you. Reason: Just try to make up! I want Fuzzy to stop making the bad comments! That's the way me and Hjackler see it. Everyone has their own perspective, and I also agree with yours. But we can't fight like this!

Yours is as in Darling's, and the rest makes sense on its own. And Fuzzy, EVERYBODY wants you to stop. NOBODY likes to read stuff like that, and all you're doing is making conflicts.
This goes for EVERYONE: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

I've also heard that some people have been bullying Darling. I won't say the reason why, however. THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE. It's just as not nice as Fuzzy's bad comments are!
Treat others the way you want to be treated. AKA, if you want to be treated like scum, treat ANYBODY on WCC like scum. YOU WILL BE SCUM. And I don't think anyone wants to be treated that way.
Be nice!
Bye for now!


  1. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    Exzatcly, We cant fight this fuzzy thing if we fight amongst ourselves. Im not gonan hack anymore of Fuzzys stuff. i admit i was a bit angry at darling and she is still mad at me so im not gonna sugar coat it or anything. Half of that fight amongst the wcc staff was my fault im sorry everyone and i hope this dosnt happen again

  2. @ Hjackler:
    That's a good way to put it. And yes, that's the point, really. It's good that you won't hack anymore of her stuff, and I agree the fight was amongst the WCC staff. But it wasn't your fault.

  3. I'm glad there were not any pics...It was a bad fight for sure....
    I don't think I can forgive you for this...You know I hate hacking but you went ahead and did it.You even threatened to hack AJR if I didn't tell you the seceret!

  4. @ Darling:
    That's why I didn't put any pics.
    I also agree with you, and you don't have to forgive him... it would just make it easier on all of us.
    And even if he did hack AJR it wouldn't make a difference. Fuzzy doesn't go on there anymore.

  5. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    Sorry :( i was just so angry. :( :( :(

  6. @ Hjackler:
    And I can understand why you are angry. Fuzzy is being infuriating, really.

  7. bunnylove3April 25, 2011

    nice thumper quote lol

  8. @Hjackler
    What is done...Is done...It can not be un-done...(it means that I most likely will NOT forgive you)

  9. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    man darling you have a one track mind. i get the point! will ya stop goin on aboutthe whats done is done thing!?!?!?!? seriously!

  10. @Hjackler
    Theres one minor detail thats wrong...It wasn't when I got on the fighting Started.It was when Hjackler got on!Remember?We were talking about Foo-Foo.(Foo-Foo is a flying squirrel that I found on the ground at my house.She broke her arm so I had to take care of her)Then Hjackler comes and says,"SHOW TIME!"THEN the fight RLLY BEGAN!Dontcha remember?

  11. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    Shes right ya know i did say that.

  12. @ Darling:
    Yes, I remember. But me and Hjackler were mad about it before you came on. He went offline, then you came on, and then he came on the last time.
    @ Hjackler:
    I know, I know.

  13. I have not been on chat yesterday, talking to you. I have not left rude comments. Maybe for once you should look at what you're doing instead of always blaming others. And right now you are being the rude one, as me and Slidoo simply told you NOT to post anything we say, since it's really creepy and stalker-like. I've said it probably a thousand times before, and you just made me have to say it again. If you think I'm being rude, you need to check out what you're doing, and the fact that you're promising things that are lies. Its not always my fault, sometimes it's your own fault of why this even started.

  14. Oh, and what Darling said I agree with. I am not forgiving you, or are willing to be friends. Some things aren't meant to be. And if you think I will be calling someone who has been stalking me, making rumors about me, and bugging me for the last month of my life a friend, I would open my eyes wider.



  16. Guess what?

    Your blog is full of ILLEGAL CONTENT. I don't know how old you two are but you act two years old.

    This post is ILLEGAL. It is LIES and we have not allowed you to post it. We have nicely asked a BILLION times for things like this to not be posted. You're such a dirty little liar.

    Also, the hack threats. Hjackler cannot hack, but he uses it to get us to stop commenting. Even if he could - Your blog can ALSO be deleted due to hack threats.

    You're FULL OF LIES, you NEVER TELL THE TRUTH, and we're TIRED OF IT. One more word that is not true WILL HAVE YOUR BLOG SHUT DOWN, BY GOOGLE.

    Lies you've made:

    Oopsy swore at you
    We threatened to hack
    We fought with you on chat
    Hjackler can hack us
    Hjackler WILL hack us
    And a LOT of lies about stuff we said, which we did NOT say!!

    You're the rude ones, you're the liars, and if this happens one more time - We WILL, and I repeat WE WILL TAKE ACTION.


    STOP lying
    STOP threatening to hack
    STOP posting about Fuzzy and I


  17. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    Wanna bet slidoo? Wanna bet your club penguin blog? And we didnt say you were on chat. We were talking about me,woodswolf and darling you idiots. If you want us to leave you alone why do you keep coming here? Your the ones who are stalkers! you wont leave u salone. And slidoo if you take action, ill give you 2 blows for your every one! Good day.

  18. Uh-oh!Here we go Again!

  19. @Woodswolf
    Sorry but I'm kinda on Oopsy and Slidoo's side...They have some good points...But I'm still going to be on this site and chat...But I just agree w/ Oopsy and Slidoo this time...
    @Oopsy and Slidoo
    I'm on you're side for this fight...There have been SOME lies and LOTS of hack threats...And I agree they should stop posting about you two...
    Dude,Leave Oopsy and Slidoo ALONE!What have they done to you?And uh threating them!Srsly!

  20. You know, I am NOT taking any sides of this.... but.... I mean.. When has slidoo ever got on WCC Chat? Or Oopsy? She gets on most of the time when no one else is on. Somtimes me and Oopst talk and stuff. But.. When as Slidoo EVER been on?
    Why would you hack Oopsy and Slidoo for nothing?
    P.S. I am NOT taking any sides of this. ~Princess Tinywolf

  21. you guys are all bickering like little siblings

  22. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 26, 2011

    @darling, wE havnt posted about slidoo and fuzzy in a long time. And we dopnt keep bothering them they keep bothering us! Look at the top of the other post! Fuzzy was one of the first commenters!!!! And get itin your head We did not say they came on chat! If they think they are being threatened (which they arent) Why the heck do they keep coming here!!!! Bunch of blithering idiots shut up! Plz can we just forget this!?!?!? Fuzzy if you dont wanna be friends anymore then stop coming here!!!!! Its not rocket science! JUST LEAVE! GET OUTTA HERE! And darling, you can go to whatever side you want. its your choice. But everyone we have GOT to stop! even if we still hate each other lets just leave it alone ok? lets just stop this fight even if we dont like the other people! please!

  23. @ Fuzzy:
    Look at some of your own comments then! They STING, dude.
    Another thing is that I never said you were on! I said that Hjackler and I were mad at you because of bad comments!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another thing is, we WITHDREW yesterday. We don't want to hack. We want to settle this. But if we have to, we can. Just STOP!!!!!!!!!
    @ Slidoo:
    And I never said half of that stuff. I HEARD half of that stuff, however, from various people.

  24. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 26, 2011

    @ Boss M HQ urgent @ Fussy and slipoo, If you think your being threatened (which you are totally not) Leave! Why do you keep coming back here!?!? is it because wcc rocks and ajr SUCKED in comparison to it!?!? i think thats it! now leave you filthy sons and daughters of monkeys! leave! leave leave leave! blithering idiots......

  25. @Hjackler.

    Nice name calling. Real nice for a blog worker. Oh and I come here because I learn things about AJ. Like for example, the underworld. I never knew there was anew land coming out soon. So if you think I should leave, you're getting rid of viewers, people who want help with AJ, and more people for your own rudeness.

  26. @ Hjackler:
    That's not exactly appropriate, but I can understand how you feel. Calling someone 'sons of monkeys' isn't exactly the best thing, even if you don't agree with them.
    @ Fuzzy:
    Even if you don't think so, here are just a few of them:
    I thought this was an Animal jam blog, not some random blog that posts stalking posts and pictures about people and random posts about already invented books. You might lose viewers for this, on account of you call this an animal jam blog.
    Call was italicized. Remember that?
    Fuzzy, that HURTS. Golden rule, remember?
    And yes, I know Hjackler didn't say very nice things in that comment. But he's been saying nicer things than you have said. And you still haven't gotten back at some of my snappy comebacks I warned you about. I'm your Devil's Advocate, Fuzzy. I used to like you... but you've gone too far.
    Another thing is that when I said that 'you don't have to forgive him' in one of my comments, I was talking to DARLING, not you.
    @ Slidoo:
    For one thing, this wasn't against you, just Fuzzy. She's been the one posting the bad stuff like above, not you, and I'm not blaming you for it. I, along with Hjackler, am mad at Fuzzy about the comments. We've warned her sevearal times, and she still is doing stuff like this.
    Also, once Fuzzy said that you wanted us to meet on your chat, Well, I went there, and, apparently, you aren't on very much. I had to try to get help from several of the mods on that chat to try, but fail to find, you. No, I'm not mad at you for this, but why don't we meet on WCC chat instead if you want to talk? There's usually at least one person on and I'm on whenever I can manage.
    @ Darling:
    And I'm not against you. I'm trying to 'play my own party' if you know what I mean. For example, we could compare one side to Democrats and one side to Republicans, for example. I'm trying to be an Independent, currently, because I have friends on both sides. This is a fight between WCC staff, I know, and I understand that. I also understand that hacking is wrong, it's just that if it's the only way to get her attention we WILL do it.
    @ Fuzzy (again):
    Like I said, if it is truly the only way to get your attention that we don't like what you're doing, WE WILL DO IT. Hopefully it isn't, however, and we can just get over this. Another alternative is that I can plan a 'court hearing' where we explain our full sides and perspectives. When that will be, I do not know yet, but it will be if we can't settle this otherwise.
    @ Everybody Else:
    If you have an opinion (which everyone does... everyone is supposed to have one by nature of humanity) comment it! I want to know EVERYONE's opinions, not just those of the people who have already commented.
    And I know this is an extremely long comment, but I have to get everything straight out now.

  27. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 26, 2011

    Yeah i thought it was cool too fuzzy, And i didnt know you came here to learn stuff. i gotta say im impressed. i thought you came here cuz you were mad at us for bugging you when you quit ajr. And im sorry if i was rude , i was very ticked off. Again. sorry bout that :P most of that was directed at your brother. Cuz he thinks hes a big shot. maybe he is :) idk. anyhoo lets forget all this shall we? i think ik what your answer is gonna be.

  28. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 26, 2011

    @woodswolf Im sorry :( i shouldnta said the monkeys thing. @ fuzzy im sorry for calling you names even if ya dont forgive me i wont do it anymore :(. i feel like this was all my fault........ hjackler is going into a hibernation

  29. @ Woodswolf

    Yah I agree.. I learn new things ALSO, so that would be kicking off someone who LIKES your site. Oopsy just don't like all the posting about the lies n' stuff... I'M NOT TAKING ANY SIDES OF THIS! SORRY IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT I'M POSTING..
    ~Princess Tinywolf~

  30. @Woodswolf
    I'm glad YOU understand...

  31. @Woodswolf
    I was on chat AGAIN today..Guess what?Hjackler and I had ANOTHER fight.He even pushed the limit this time.He goes ahead and says this to me:
    Fat A** DARLING!
    His excuse was "I'm mad so I cussed."AND I'M SICK OF THIS DUMB FIGHT!I NEED to find a blog WITHOUT
    this kind of stuff....

  32. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 26, 2011

    Shes right woodswolf. i understand if you take away my mod-ship. im just so mad and sad and confused. i shouldntve sad that...... i guess im just not very good :( Good bye everyone. Mod hjackler is probably gonna get mod-less. :(

  33. Ughh this fight will last FOREVER!!! DAMN!!!

  34. @ Fuzzy:
    I'm sorry about this. It's just that usually the only way I can judge a person is how they act towards others. And, unfortunately, the only way on here is by comments.
    I apologize for this.
    @ pony_luve10:
    And I can understand why you're not taking sides. I'm trying to stay neutral as well.
    @ Darling:
    I agree, this is kinda bad that it happened. Once it gets settled, however, WCC will get back on track.
    @ Hjackler:
    Stop blaming yourself! This whole fight was not caused by one set person. It was caused by different viewpoints that clashed.
    @ Tinywolf:
    I hope it will end soon. I think EVERYBODY hopes it will end soon.

  35. @ Tinywolf:
    Well, the momentum has slowed. It's not, at least, back-forth-back-forth-back-forth-back-forth...

  36. Woodswolf said...
    @ Fuzzy:
    Look at some of your own comments then! They STING, dude.
    Another thing is that I never said you were on! I said that Hjackler and I were mad at you because of bad comments!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another thing is, we WITHDREW yesterday. We don't want to hack. We want to settle this. But if we have to, we can. Just STOP!!!!!!!!!
    @ Slidoo:
    And I never said half of that stuff. I HEARD half of that stuff, however, from various people.



    Hjackler said...
    @ Boss M HQ urgent @ Fussy and slipoo, If you think your being threatened (which you are totally not) Leave! Why do you keep coming back here!?!? is it because wcc rocks and ajr SUCKED in comparison to it!?!? i think thats it! now leave you filthy sons and daughters of monkeys! leave! leave leave leave! blithering idiots......\


    REALLY? this blog is nothing considered to AJR. At least, not as long as you work here! Constant threats and rudeness coming from you, Hjackler. Woodswolf has calmed down and he's being awesome! But you, Hjackler? Really?

  37. @ Slidoo:
    I know. I may have to remove him, at least temporarily. I don't enjoy the fact that people have proof that he was swearing on chat. I don't like that fact.
    @ Hjackler:
    I can understand why you're angry, but can you please try to calm down? I just want to settle this in a nice way. I don't want to have to use a 'bomb' to settle a small argument. See what I mean?
    @ Slidoo (again):
    She, BTW...


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