Saturday, April 9, 2011

'Lovebirds'? and First Columnist!

Hello everyone...
I'm currently very 'weirded out' you could say...
Today I was attacked by two 'lovebirds'...
What are they?
They are people that follow you with one of these emoticons over their head (type them in the chat bar to see them):
Usually, 'lovebirds' are girls (you can tell because they wear pink, purple or other 'girly' colors and follow you around with those looks). Usually, if they look like that, they are a girl. Thing is, it doesn't work the other way around, with boys wearing dark colors. If you worked off of this rule, around 70% of all Jammers would be boys. Want an example?
I've only told a few people... but this is an 'exception'...
I'm a girl. I just like to have my animals have their 'natural colors'.
So... yeah.

Anyway, today we have our FIRST COLUMNIST!
I just told Lalakers24678 the password... he said he's going to write it today.
So, now everyone can look forward to Lalakers' new column! I don't know what it's about yet... it's a surprise. ;)
Bye for now!


  1. WCC Mod:DarlingApril 09, 2011

    Wonder what the column will be about....AND I didn't know woodswolf was girl...

  2. I barely tell anyone... online safety thing. :)

  3. Yeah i knew that Cause woodswolf told me :) I have never told anyone though
    And never will unless with woodswolf's permission xD

  4. bunnylove3April 11, 2011

    omg ur a girl?

  5. bunnylove3April 11, 2011

    where is the new column?

  6. @ bunnylove3:
    There have been some 'technical difficulties' you could say, so it's not on yet. Sorry!

  7. @ Tinywolf:
    A columnist is someone who posts once or twice a month about something, for example, new items, or a secret they discovered.
    Anyone can be one, all you have to have is an e-mail/Gmail.


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