Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello everyone!
I want to present yet ANOTHER new feature of WCC!!!
You know how in newspapers, no one writes the whole thing alone, and there's always some person assigned to a particular thing, such as writing the sports section.
Well... would anyone like to call me 'Boss'?
Yes! You heard me right!
All that you have to do is write a short little report about, for example, new things on AJ, once or twice a month. But you can pick any topic, like, for another example, secrets of AJ.
So... if you want this job... I can give you it.
If you want it, tell me a convenient time you can meet me on chat.
The chat time is needed to pass you the username and password for the Gmail account I'm going to make so that you can write your column.
Just comment!
Bye for now!


  1. LOL i already call you boss so it isnt hard for me!
    wcc mod:

  2. Yeah! That's part of the reason why I put it in! :)

  3. I see! cool!
    WCC MOD:

  4. bunnylove3April 08, 2011

    sigh... i dont have a gmail :P
    anyways im not that good of i writer.. actually idk cuz i neva wrote somthin like that before...

  5. It's OK, bunnylove! I have a Gmail that the column writers will log in with! I signed up for it just for this reason!
    If you want to be a columnist, just tell me a time you can be on chat/on AJ. Then I can tell you the password.


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