Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gathering for ???

Hello everyone...
Today I was on the server Aldan, and I was trying to get into Sarepia. Well, it said the room was FULL, and JAMAA TOWNSHIP wasn't. I was wondering what the heck was going on.
Well, when I finally got into the room, I found a HUGE gathering, probably around 30 people, maybe more. 90% or more were wolves. Here are some pictures:

I think it was some kind of multiple-clan meeting, or something. And as you can see, there are around 40 people. Earlier someone mentioned something like 'are you the leader of Shadowclan?' Is Shadowclan returning again? Well, Tigerstripe, yes, I saw your comment, but you can't be the leader of the ONLY Shadowclan... Unless if your Warriors name is 'Rainstar'. With enough fans out there, you can guarantee that there will probably be at LEAST 50 duplicates out there, that all meet at different times.
But the thing that STILL confuses me is why there are so many there... it's quite interesting.
If you have information, COMMENT!
Bye for now!


  1. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 23, 2011

    Im part of rainystars shadowclan i never eat anything though :) i also have inside information where the the 3 biggest shadowclan meet together every week :) so if ya got any questions just ask me :) or woodswolf

  2. @ Hjackler:
    That's good. At least SOME people know how to treat each other equally... My friend has been bullied several times by a certain strain of Shadowclan...

  3. Woodswolf you got this ALL WRONG!There are TWO ShadowClans!The good one.(the one that you saw)And the bad one.(which is now gone thanks to a diff clan)I know its confusing BUT I know that cuz I was in the good ShadowClan...Heres my story about the BAD ShodowClan:
    I was in Jamma Township one day..Server Aldan...I saw someone saying"ShadowClan at my den!Wovles only!"So I went just to check it out.When I was there,At least 20 people were there!They were black...COMPLETELY black...Since I was a rabbit,They all come running to me.Then one says"Rabbit!Lets eat her!"Then I say"It's not nice to eat people!Even if it is fake!BACKOFF!"The leader responds"Nice?You think we would be nice?NO ONE HERE IS NICE!GET HER!!!!!!!"As they were chasing me I relized that there was a new dark clan...ShadowClan...Then they "beat me up"...They "ate" me.Then after that I left BUT i sent my friend in.She said that one of the leader's best friends wanted a ShadowClan thats nice.So I helped her put her clan together.But it wasn't called ShadowClan.She changed it...I forgot what it was...Heh.Anyways the two clans fought against each other for days and days and days!It was CRAZY!FINALY ShadowClan surendered.Then ShawdowClan disapered...But it came back...One of the first ShadowClan people made ANOTHER ShadowClan...ANOTHER BAD ONE!The friend made good ShadowClan for everyone and anyone!But now those two clans may fight...But the bad one will end soon.I promise.Just ask if you have ANY questions at all I'll be happy to answer! : D

  4. @ Darling:
    I'm guessing there are actually several THOUSAND strains of ShadowClan on AJ. For one thing, a lot of people who play AJ are probably Warriors fans. For another, they're all spread out over different time zones. For another, they're all spread across different SERVERS. How many strains is that, exactly? Minimum?
    Another thing is that lots of people want to be 'realistic' on AJ. I don't see it as very nice, so I'm not 'realistic'. I could care less.

  5. oh yeah sorry for commenting multiple times on that post I didn't know how to use this comment system

  6. and darling as long as im still on aj bad shadowclan will still be lurking

  7. @ Tigerstripe:
    It's fine, really.
    And yes, bad Shadowclan will always be lurking... but not because of just you! ;)


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