Friday, April 22, 2011


We were talking on chat about glitches and stuff, and all of a sudden Hjackler mentioned that he went somewhere, possibly the new land! He calls it the 'underworld'.
He says that all you see when you go there is just black and white, and you see an animal... not your own, the new one!
We talked about it, and determined it was a zebra! He said it had 4 legs and reared up a lot... almost like a horse. Horses and ZEBRAS are pretty much the exact same thing! And then he went back again, and he said it had black and white stripes! I can't wait for it to come!
The next thing that happened was that Darling said that she knew someone who's dad was a Guide. So what happened was that he told her what the next animals were going to be!
She said that she heard about a BAT, and a FROG!
Has anybody else heard of things like this? Comment!
Bye for now!


  1. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 22, 2011


  2. My friend...You know the one who's dad is an AJ met with me later today...He said that some lands that are gonna be comin!SOON!One's a swamp.One's a cave!The last one is a lil island near Crystal Sands!Oh WAIT!Theres ONE LAST ONE THAT I'M GONNA SHARE!A desert!Keep your eyes out for these NEW places that will be coming RLLY soon!
    My friend ALSO said that a new animal will be a Flamingo!And some others are a shark and dolphin...Just tell me if u have a request for ANY animals that r not on AJ!I'll promise to tell him!(IF hes on and still is gonna tell me stuff....)Well hope Toodles and remember I'm not so sure they will bring these animals out BUT u never know....

  3. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 22, 2011

    Cool! darling ask him if one is going to be a zebra Because i think thats what i saw in the place i went to! I talked to a guide the other day he said gloves dont come out till november this year.So if anyone was wondering about new lands, new animlas, or new things just ask woodswolf,Me and Darling! Have a nice day everyone and dont forget to read todays issue of the chronicles of Escher! Its really cool!

  4. Princess TinywolfApril 22, 2011

    I went to the lab once before it was created.... It was black and white. All I saw was the rug and the tables and some other stuff. P.S. I ALSO WENT IN THE 'UNDERGORUND' PLACE! I TOLD U ABOUT IT ON CHAT!

  5. Princess TinywolfApril 22, 2011

    Well.. Underworld i ment..

  6. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 22, 2011

    :P the only reason you fot in is because i told you how princess :) you couldnt have ever got in by your self because their is only one way in and thats the one i showed you. :) :) :) and you didnt reall get in very much you only got halfway in because all you saw was black. that happened to me once xD so we should try again tommorow and see if we canm get ya all the way in ok?

  7. @ Darling:
    Keep us up-to-date on what you find out! That sounds really exciting!
    @ Princess:
    That's really cool! I want to go somewhere before it comes out... ;)
    @ Hjackler:
    And we should. I want to try to get in... take a screenshot FAST, and leave (since it kicks everyone out).

  8. @ Hjackler2
    Okay meet ya there! :) :)

    P.S. Like my picture?!

  9. bunnylove3April 22, 2011

    there is denfinatley going to be some kind of bird because in the names u can pick a name that says 'bird'

    i love zebras! i hope they make one!

  10. @ bunnylove3:
    Yes, I agree. They have to make SOME kind of bird... and the zebras will be cool!

  11. Hears what I heard from him!
    THERES GONNA BE A TUCCAN AND A ZEBRA!Heres some details about the island near crystal sands:You'll be able to scuba dive there!When the animals go under water they will have scuba gear on!
    One last thing!A land that will be comin from what my friend said it a........VALCANO LAND!They still aren't sure about but they mite just put on AJ!Remember you can ask me ANY questions on the things that'll come on AJ.(MAYBE!): ) (BTW my friend that tells me the information's user name is gjr888 But DO NOT bring the stuff that will come to AJ up...He only tells people he trusts!)

  12. @ Darling:
    Thanks for the info! You could refer him/her to WCC... if he has an e-mail of any type, I will ABSOLUTELY make them a columnist immediately!
    The toucan sounds SO COOL! I need to make a test account soon to get different animals... but I'm still waiting...

  13. Oh I forgot to tell ya he doesn't go on WCC Or stuff like that.So now he shares info he knows w/ me....But ANOTHER ANIMAL!!!!!!!!He said that there will be a...............PARROT!Heh.Did I mention that there will be Jungle?

  14. @ Darling:
    Wow... looks like there will be LOTS of new lands...
    The parrot sounds nice!
    And it's OK if he can't come on. Just fine. ;)

  15. bunnylove3April 25, 2011

    omg parrots and bunnies are my fav animals ANIMAL JAM ROCKS how did they know? lolz

  16. @ bunnylove3:
    I know! I love it too.


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