Thursday, April 7, 2011

Achiever Clan First Meet?

Hello everyone!
I was wondering... maybe it's time to get the next meeting of Achiever Clan ready?
If this time works for everyone... how about every other Saturday (starting next Saturday... the Saturday after this weekend) at around noon CST (check for your timezone...)?
Just comment if it works/doesn't work...
Bye for now!
PS: Read about the new page and the Fuzzy Crisis song tie-in below!


  1. Works for me xD i should be there.... i think I will try my hardest :)
    Meanwhile i am spreading wcc among my friends
    WCC MOD:

  2. Thanks, Hjackler! I'm thinking about introducing a new game soon... it just needs to come back online so I can get some screenshots! ;)

  3. Ok! Sounds god xD
    WCC MOD:

  4. Yeah...
    I've already got the format for the first meeting laid out... it's just got to get edited because of 'recent events' so to speak... (AKA: the fact that non-members can't change clothing colors anymore)


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