Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chronicles of Escher: Sneak Preview!

Hello everyone!
Here's a 'sneak preview' of the Chronicles of Escher, the series I talked about a while ago about the people stuck in the 'art world'.
Here's an important image, Other World by M. C. Escher:
Keep this image in mind, especially during the first few issues. It's very important... probably a key element, actually.
And, like I said, a short sneak:

The birds waited patiently.
They were watching the entrance.
Waiting for a victim to come in.

Bye for now!


  1. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 21, 2011

    YAY! i cant wait for friday!!!!!!!!!1 ive been waiting to read this :) i bet you did really good woodswolf
    Your bff and biggest fan xD

  2. @ Hjackler:
    And it gets more exciting as it goes on... just wait...
    Every issue is going to end on some sort of 'cliffhanger ending' if you know what I mean... kinda like that one ;)

  3. I thought this was an Animal jam blog, not some random blog that posts stalking posts and pictures about people and random posts about already invented books. You might lose viewers for this, on account of you call this an animal jam blog.

  4. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 21, 2011

    Stalking? I thought we were friends now! Fuzzy if you want to start this again i CAN hack frogopia so stop. i can wreak abslute havoc. So stop being mean to my best friend ok? or i will beat the living daylights outta frogopia

  5. Princess TinywolfApril 21, 2011

    @ WCC mod: Hjackler2
    Heyy hey hey! Why the threats?! You know Frogopia is not her site, right?
    So that would be hacking someone else.. Not her.. Just lettin ya know Hjackler2.... AND if I were you I would stop using the Hacksoftwear...
    Wanna know WHY? Because it illegal to have Hacksoftwear... It illegal to even HACK! If you get caught then you can get in a heck of trouble... BYE!

  6. @ Fuzzy:
    I wrote this MYSELF, Fuzzy. Search it on Google, and you will (unless if other people have linked to these posts or something) find ONLY WCC. Here's a link:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=38378e84586d88e6&nfpr=1&start=0
    And all of the stuff below the WCC links talks about Escher's biography and stuff. I WROTE THIS, FUZZY, AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT.
    Another thing is that this is not specifically Animal Jam. When I originally created this blog, it was about Animal Jam, Free Realms and Wizard101 (three fun games I play occasionally). Eventually, it dropped down to just one, AJ. I can guarantee you wouldn't be seeing this if it dropped down to another game.
    I dropped it down to Animal Jam because, like you said on one of your posts (I can't remember which one), it was getting too hectic blogging about AJ and CP.
    My point is, it's MINE, I wrote it, and STOP CRITICIZING (for both blog and story!)!
    Another thing. It's not stalking if you've never seen them before and they announce 'wedding in the pillow room' in Jamaa Township.
    Counterpoint counterpoint counterpoint.


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