Monday, April 11, 2011

Column Problems...

Hello everyone...
Sorry, but things aren't going to work out very well now...
Turns out that Google has been 'detecting unusual activity' on the columnist account.
What that means is that it's figured out that there are multiple people from all over the place using it... AKA, the columnists.
I have no idea how to fix this issue! Sorry for the problems!
Anyway, I guess you're just going to have to use your own. If you want to be a columnist on WCC, tell me your e-mail address (either by e-mailing me, which is more private, or on WCC if it doesn't show your real name). I will invite you to post afterwards.
When it lets you pick the name you want to use on your posts, please have it follow these criteria:
NOT your real name, for one.
Appropriate (no bad words).
Sorry about that!


  1. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 12, 2011

    I have an idea
    You could make an accoutn for eachcolumnist. How bout that? Like or you could also make, You make 2 accounts one for me and one 4 darling

  2. @ Hjackler
    Thanks for the idea, but I think that would be kind of inconvenient, for one thing, and for another, I'm not sure if that's allowed by Google.
    Another thing: Why would you need two accounts? One would do just fine :)


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