Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day, and First Chronicles of Escher Post!

Hello everyone!
Happy Earth Day!
I barely even realized it was Earth Day before I saw the thing on Google. It's pretty sweet! Check it out here:
Anyways, here's the first edition of the Chronicles of Escher:

The Chronicles of Escher
By Woodswolf (because I don't want to post my real name... web safety)

The birds waited patiently.
They were watching the entrance.
Waiting for a victim to come in.

Sam loved art. You couldn’t say it any other way. It was her freshman year, and four art classes were all that she took during a school day.
There was a school trip tomorrow. One of her classes was going to the Escher museum.
What a wonderful day.

The birds knew it.
It was almost time.
They were restless.
It was coming.

The museum was amazing. If it was possible, the museum had constructed a room or model to look like a print. Mr. Martin’s art class went to the prize room: The Other World room. It was the most realistic room in the whole building. The museum had set it up to make it look like you can walk right into the print.
The class walked in, walked around, and left for a lunch break before the other half of the museum in the afternoon.
Sam followed them to the lunch area for a little while, and then started to backtrack. She got to the room and found the door locked. Just then a janitor came around the corner.
“Your class went that way, ma’am, and I suggest you follow them,” he said, pointing down the corridor she came from.
“I wanted to look at the Other World room again. The door locked,” Sam replied.
“Fine. I will let you in, and I will tell your class where you’ve gone,” the janitor said. He unlocked the door and hurried down the hallway.

The birds knew.
The prey was near.
Their claws dug into the stone.

Sam stepped in and shut the door.
All of a sudden, the horns that hung from hooks on the walls blasted strange sounds. Sam stood in the center of the room, covering her ears.
The human-headed birds sitting on the stone walls flapped metal wings and lifted off. Sam panicked.
The birds were upon her at once. The horns continued to sound as the birds tore at her clothing. They picked Sam up and threw her at the wall.
She passed through like a ghost. She no longer heard the horns, but she heard the birds’ voices speaking to her.
The first, with a deep voice, said, “Welcome to the worst hell.”
The second, with a high, squeaky voice like someone screaming, continued, saying, “And yet, it is the most beautiful heaven.”
The third, with an echoing voice like an angel, said, “Welcome to the other world… other world…other world…
     Sam screamed.

More issues to come! Sorry if the excerpt is a bit long...
Bye for now!


  1. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 22, 2011

    Awesome woodswolf great job! The ending left me hanging! i cant wait for the next issue!

  2. @ Hjackler:
    And it only gets better! Later, some other people will come into play... hint hint ;)

  3. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 22, 2011

    i think i know who your talking about! Hint hint

  4. @ Hjackler:
    Close... REALLY CLOSE... but it won't come 4 a bit...

  5. bunnylove3April 25, 2011

    amazing... ^.^

  6. @ bunnylove3:
    Thanks! More to come!


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