Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank you, bunnylove3!

Bunnylove3 is very kind. If you see her, make sure you greet her or buddy! She rented me her glove for one month. I will take good care of it, since it is not mine. Thank you a hundred times bunnylove3! She is one of the jammers that did something very nice to me! If there was a spotlight jammer page, Im sure she will go on there one day!;)



  1. i would hav but idk if ur a member, if i knew u were a member i would hav gav u my spare 1

    -MaddieFox (kitkats)

  2. @Maddiefox (kitkats (OMG i love eating kitkats lol))

    Imma member.


  3. Virgobunny the HP fanatic!!August 30, 2011

    If you absolutley LOVE harry poter, go to Virgobunny's den @ 10:30 AM CST on August 30 or 31! Also avalible September 19 @ around 1:00 CST!
    We will be hosting a Hogwarts fan club, so feel free to dress up as Voldemort, or a diffrent charecter, like I'm going to dress up as Ron Weasley! Too bad I recycled my Voldemort koala, or..

    Anyway, see ya peeps!


  4. Awwww That's really nice bunnylove!That's why I made you Buddy of the Month on my blog,always kind to help!


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