Friday, August 5, 2011


sorry woodswolf i made an ad for my clan. i didn't know that's not allowed. could i please have the rules so it doesn't happen again, please? i like this blog and wouldn't want to ruin it, i really didn't know, woodswolf, sorry!
sorry again, bye
i will allways follow the rules after this!


  1. ..................No ads?................

  2. @ biscutboo:
    It's okay. Everyone makes mistakes. :)
    And I wouldn't get rid of anyone on the first time anyway. Warnings first. 3 strikes and you're out (and strikes cancel after a month, so your record will be clean soon).
    @ Mythical:
    Yes, no ads. I don't like them. Distracts from the content.

  3. @Woodswolf
    I mean:she changed nothing?...


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