Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just a quick, sad note...

Hi...Just wanted to tell you guys that gloves are back...And I mean NM...Not member, NM...D: IDK if you agree with me that this is no good or if you think its good...DX DX DX


PS:bunnylove3, do you want me to give you your glove back in one month or do you want me to keep it cause gloves are back?


  1. Hmm...I think it's good that gloves are bak, but I guess it isn't for people that had a glove already, cuz they lost a rare item..

  2. O-O *jaw drops* g-gloves are back? *dies*

    im mad...they turned they awesomesest rarest items into a common item..what a joke! -.- at least there will be less scamming? =\

    oh and myth i would still want the glove back ^.^ sorry.

  3. where r tha gloves?

  4. @bunnylove3
    Its ok!
    They are far behind lol me to I didnt see them first lol.

  5. FunPinkyPinkySeptember 02, 2011

    I hate that gloves are back.

    My supreme rare just turned oh-so-not-rare.

    I just hope Top Hats don't come back out otherwise I'll be in bad doodoo!!! DX

  6. bunnyluv meet on chat september 45 300:67 underworld time.


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