Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Updates. To Everything. PLEASE LISTEN

Hello everyone!
UPDATE: Sorry about that, Tiger. I didn't read the comments until after the fact. However, there is an easy way to prevent that from happening. Go to a site that generates high-security passwords and copy them and use those. That way it's harder for people to hack you. Currently I have one that uses letters of both cases, numbers, and symbols. I just hit 'remember password' and I don't have to type it ever again (and the first time I just copied it anyway). EVERYONE should try this (By the way, check your inbox because you have been re-invited, Tigerstripe).
So, next thing. I think EVERYONE who is sane should quit Animal Jam. Or at least consider it. If you're a member, it might not be that bad, however. Weather the storm. But hackers and scammers are on the loose and everyone is getting robbed. I've been reading this book called GONE. It's about some kids that are stuck in a circular walled area with a 20 mile diameter and how everything turns to chaos. In the end, everyone is robbing everything from everyone else, several people have been killed off (ON ACCIDENT, EVEN) and everyone is panicking. I'm only half way through. Yeah, it's gonna get worse. Does this remind you of any situations? Oh, yeah. Animal Jam's hacking and scamming problems. Sure, I haven't seen anyone take over anyone else's bodies yet in the book, but... it could happen. It's the equivalent of hacking someone.
There are many games. Some have potential of being our output for the 'big move'. Some don't. But if I had to pick any of them, right off the top of my head, it would be one of these two: Free Realms of FeralHeart. Why?
With FeralHeart nobody hacks or scams because there are no items. World peace in a bottle (except for swearing people, but there are moderators)! You can also have an unlimited amount of characters, and it is an excellent game for Roleplay.
With Free Realms the username isn't shown, so it is very hard to hack someone unless if you scam them by pretending you have a working SC card and they trade you coins for a fake code. And if you do hack in, there are millions of accounts, and each one has at least one character. You will be up for DAYS. Or weeks. Or years. It's not sensible.
I have logged on to Animal Jam for possibly the last time today. It's just not fun anymore. But for those of you who decide to stay, I will still do the news updates when they are there :)
Bye for now!


  1. Q-quiting animal jam?Sigh....None of this stuff ends well!Why did I even look into animal jam....I mean ALL my friends end up quitting or NEVER talking to me on AJ....I never should have looked in the Nat Geo magazine....I never should have came into this,hacking,scamming...And...A BUNCH of other stuff.....If a majority of my friends quit and get bored of it....I might end up doing it too.And DCP is mainly about AnimalJam....So if I DO quit there goes DCP....) : But wait till oceans come!Maybe will be a little funner....-sighs- I ALWAYS get into things like this.....And...I Get a sick in my stomach when I think about this....
    But....If TWO MORE friends of mine quit Animal Jam...Trust me...I will.I have so many great friends LOST because of quitting Animal Jam....So if this happens,I will just...Just...Well quit WCC and DCp...Or Any other animal Jam blogs.....

  2. woodswolf you do have a characters on feralheart limited

  3. @Darling
    No! Don't quit Darling! Please don't! And after all, in AJ it's about 2 stuff:
    1-Decorating yourself, have rares and so on.
    2-Chat! You can have TONS of rares or NOTHING but you can still chat with your buddies! So cmon, don't quit please! Please don't Darling! Your one of meh nest buddies on Animal Jam!

    MythCat2907 the Awesome

  4. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 14, 2011

    I love Aj, woodswolf plz, login for th last time tommorow, or whn oceans come at least plz woodswolf! @mythical magicspirit plz buddy me my user is seals8!


  6. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 14, 2011

    Darling oh! Don't quit! I mean, we all have gone so far that it doesn't make sense to quit! WCC's first post in last Febuary to now, September 2011. My birthday is next Monday, and I think the best present would be to have AJ have no way to be hacked or scammed. Dorling, It's worth it, It will be, so please, don't quit. I'll talk to you on AJ if you buddy me, so please darling. Please. This reminds me of when Fuzzy was quitting AJR. Don't quit DCP, or AJ for that matter. I remember reading about the Fuzzy Crisis. An example comment may have been: Fuzzy, don't quit! We all love your blog. Some jammers out there praise you, and have blog cuz they look up to ya! Darling, please.

  7. Tigerstripe (not signed in)September 14, 2011


  8. i might quit, it's under consideration!

  9. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 14, 2011

    Nobody quit. Don't even think about it.
    Try to be like me!
    I have low gem level, no rares, and a high security password. I DO have a membership. My password is the name of my teddy bear, plus bear. If you ARE going to try to guess my password,you got to find out my teddy's name first. I never get hacked, so BE LIKE ME if your quittin cuz of hackin!


  11. If two more friends...Bye-Bye Darling....D :

  12. @ Everyone:
    We need to consider it. When a game is only fun if you have membership (AJ has too few things to do! If it had, like, quests, for example, that would be great! Keep me interested) it's not really worth it. Does everyone agree with me that that's the way it is, pretty much?
    Sure, FeralHeart has no quests, but it has no membership, either, and you can design your own maps. Worth it? Maybe.
    Free Realms has membership, but it has loads of quests and things to make being without a membership fun. Also, it has AWESOME membership deals, unlike other sites, because it has a LIFETIME membership offer (as in as long as the game lasts) for about the price of AJ's six months ($35). THAT is worth it. And then you get a gazillion cool features.
    Plus, usually 3D games are more fun to play, and both of them are easy to get (Free Realms only requires that you install a special browser plugin, which takes 3 seconds, and FeralHeart is a very small download, but it may be a bit slow for some internet connections).
    So, both have good potential. See what I mean? Calm yourselves. I'm still going to blog about it for those that stay behind.

  13. i play games called roblox, minecraft, petpet park, impressive title, the endless forest, and some other muitplayer games on game websites and some other pay to play games too

  14. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 15, 2011

    Guys, I wonder... I play 2 games, Webkinz, and AJ. Webkinz MAY be a good alternative to AJ.

    Webkinz Game Review!

    Pros: Huge game world, deluxe membership not a big deal, kinzcash easy to earn, pets sold at TONS of diffrent stores

    Cons: Need a pet with secret code to register, adventure park (need an adventure park to get in), have to wait 8 hours to do jobs

    Let me explain a little. Webkinz is also know as webkinz.com. Webkinz money is called Kinzcash. However, you need a webkinz stuffed animal plush to play. Once you buy one go to webkinz. com and click New Member. Then, Ms Birdy will help you.

    Hope this helps!

    @Tigerstripe: Imposter!?

    @ Everbody: Two things: 1: Meeting on chat to discuss this, k? Meet at either 10:30 AM CST time, or 4:30 PM CST. Go to time.gov to find your time zone.

  15. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 15, 2011

    Guys, Oceans r here! Only seals dolphims and sharks can go in!

  16. i play Webkinz and it's kinda a pay to play game you know

  17. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 17, 2011

    Yes, millicy. Webkinz IS kinda pay to play. The whole think has 'Deluxe members can do this, blah blah blah, beco me a deluxe member today!' Yea, inturrupt us with shit about 'Deluxe Membership'

  18. @ selas8
    Be quiet

  19. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 19, 2011

    BUT...webkinz IS an AJ alternative.

    Arr! You cant tell meh what ta do Anostupidmouse!


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