Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Member items for trade

Hey guys, guess what? Yes, sadly, Im not a member anymore. So, as I have member items that are useless for me, I will trade them for NM items. I would rather take some black/pink/grey/white den items and seasonal trees ( the kind that NMs can not get ) or rares that I do NOT have. Here are my items:
Black cat hat, black sword, purple sword, black bat wings, white bat wings, purple kings crown, dark blue princess necklace and some other stuff that I forgot. Will edit post.
Den ( have loads! XD ):
Black and white "pink" lying down chair, stone throne, disco ball, giant wolf plushie, pink swirls ( carpet ), starry wallpaper, lava floor, purple drums and some other stuff I forgot. Will edit to.
Ok, thats all. Comment if you wanna trade something.

*sigh*No member life in Jamaa...):


  1. s80me/seals8September 27, 2011

    Oh thats so sad myth! :'(

    As for member items, ok! I can trade you some stuff. I own a orange seasonal tree, and I bet I can get you some black den furniture!

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  3. Assistant admin hjackler (AKA) Wcc Mod HjacklerSeptember 27, 2011

    I own multiples of everything theres IS to own in aj...... EVERYTHING

  4. Hey Hjackler! Nice to hear from you again! Haven't seen you all summer! :)

  5. why don't you just keep the items for when your a member again?

  6. @Hjaclker
    Hey Hjackler!Welcome Back!!
    Aww I hate when membership runs out and you but all this member stuff that ends up pointless.But anyways,Don't trade the stuff!You'll probably get new membership and when you do,you'll say ,"Aww!I wish I listened to Darling and Millicy!I really want those (whatever you would want)

  7. Yeah. You'll say "Oh! I should've istened to millicy, and Darling!"


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