Monday, September 19, 2011

Gems X2 Bonus on Club Geoz Games!

Hello everyone!
Right on schedule, the Double Gems bonus has moved to the Club Geoz Games, namely Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter!
Bye for now!


  1. Seals8/ s80me (future collumist?)September 20, 2011

    Aw! I hoped it would move to Phanton's Treasure, from the oceans. Anyway, new things you may not have noticed!

    Jamaa Township
    Jam Mart Clothing
    Flower Glasses -M
    Jam Mart Furnitture

    Seasonal Tree- NM
    Paw Rug- M

    Mt Shiveer- Nothing New

    Coral Canyons- Nothing New

    Den music- Sky High Music

    Crystal Sands- New gateways into oceans, AKA docks.

    Sarpeia Fotrest- Nothing New

    Gem BoNuS- Current location- Spider zapper and Phantom Fighter!

    Appondale- Nothing New

    Oceans- Dolphin, Shark.

    Other things in genral- I am now tellng a buddy of the month! The buddy of the month is.. bunnylove3!
    Congrats bunnylove!

    Anyway, this is Seals8, signing out!

  2. Hey Seals8 thank you for making me your buddy of the month! =D

  3. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 20, 2011

    You're welcome bunnylove3!

    This is seals8, signing out!

  4. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 20, 2011

    Oh! I forgot buddy of the day.

    i have so many buddies!

  5. I'm Back Everyone!
    My stupid computer and stupid Xat,it seems they blockedm e from ur website,Xat thinks you r tring to Phish me,but i for one odn't have Xats,and never will,Anyway,I won't be on here as much,but I will be avalable on DCP(Darling's Code Palace)almost every day

    Historian Funwow

  6. Nice to see you again, Funwow!
    And actually, it's handy if you bookmark the page so that you can get back to it later. :)
    I understand. If you do get stuck on that Xat anti-phishing page a lot, there's a button somewhere that says 'Continue to Site'. You can click that =D
    Thanks, Seals! I noticed those, all right, it's just that I was too lazy to put them up :) My den is FULL of seasonal trees XD

  7. i made a new pic everyone and i'm going to use it in october

  8. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 21, 2011

    Tody's buddy of the day is... WolfOfTheWoods, AKA Woodswolf! Congrats Woodswolf!

    Everybody, please post YOUR story about how you discovered WCC!

    Here's mine!

    How I discovered WCC
    by Seals8/s80me

    I was searching Google for Animal Jam and found WCC!


  9. =) i found Wcc from Animal jam Rush.

  10. i don't remember how i found WCC

  11. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 21, 2011

    Ok I Admit It AJ Is Getting Sloppy And They R Letting Hackers Hack And Scam People Who R Innocent An Have Done No Wrong. They Have Made Oceans, But They Don't Let Non Members Change Item Colors And It's Unfair. They Said They'd Make Nonmember Pets, But They Did Not. I May Quit If Either My Membership Expires Or If A Buddy Or Two Quits. Plus AJ Is Preventing Me From Spending Time On My Webkinz Acoount. My Poor Webkinz Pets! I Seroisly May Quit. The Only Thing That Can Stop Me Is Your Opinion.

  12. Oh I found WCC after Fuzzster (Fuzzy Shyivy)Quit AJR....Then WW told everyone to come here since Fuzzy quit after that all the fighting and other stuff took place....But anyways....Everything's better now!

  13. @seals8
    they never said they were makeing non member pets

  14. Ugh. Nobody Cares About Names.September 21, 2011

    Well They Did Say That They Were! Ugh. Nobody Reads Old Comments On Old Posts. Read The Post Animal Jam Facts And It's Comments.

  15. Seals8 (Nobody cares bout names)September 21, 2011

    Btw Nothong Blaqh Nvm

  16. Seals8/s80me- I'm cheerful again!September 22, 2011

    Today's buddy of the day is... millicy! Congrats millicy!

  17. @seals8/s80me
    YAY thanks seals8/s80me

  18. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 23, 2011

    Ok todays buddy of the day is...emmacj2999! I am making her buddy of the day beacause she is an awesome friend on AJ. Congrats emmacj2999!

  19. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 23, 2011

    Also.. Shadowclan is back! *shudders* They are now prowling as sharks! They probably eat dolphins now too. *shudders again* So play as a shark, tiger, or wolf if you want to stay safe from Shadowclan!

  20. @s80me
    just ignore them if they're doing that

  21. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 23, 2011

    Ok.. but it's a big deal. I was a PINK shark and seals were saying (with caps lock on too!) AHH! and EEEK and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! IT'S A SHARK! SHADOWCLAN IS BACK! so yeah. :(

  22. I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-Ikr?

    That se-se-se-seal kicked me into the la-la-la-lava pit 5 times and nearly killed me cause of this darkness power they invented....Every time I go in the oceans I come out bloody,yea shadow clan.....

  23. guys this is just a game and it's FOR KIDS!!! everyone seems to keep forgetting that

  24. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 24, 2011

    Ok Mythcat my Bff's username is olivercat and shes in Eat Em' Up.

  25. Assistant admin Hjackler (aka) Wcc Mod HjacklerSeptember 26, 2011

    Wow i havnt been on in a long time. i'll be on more now that football is done! good to be back


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