Saturday, September 24, 2011

TV glitch!

Hey jammers! I was in my den with s80me and we touched the TV. Guess what? It made us move! But it only works when you touch the screen when its on. Mayksufi had the glitch already!;)
Okay jammers! Thats all!



  1. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 24, 2011

    Yeah I'm s80me it works in my den too!

  2. Mythcat?
    I closed out of AJ sorry

  3. Silly meh im kinda clumsy
    also th word vertification is theesses. wow thats a lot of ss and es and t's and h's

  4. Well,to tell you that ISN'T a has been happening since Beta....................................The problem is the TV is not close to the wall enough. there is space for your animal behind it,causing it to move.Another Explantation IS a glitch.Whenever you are near a sharps corner in your den,you click the TV,you go straight outside....

  5. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 25, 2011

    OH MY GOD! Man last night I had like 4 really weird dreams. One was like.. Garfield Show if you watch it on nickelodeon, but a burvglar breaks in to steal Odie, and Garfield and Arlene have to stop the burglar. The second was creepy. Like, creepy as in I was on WCC and the comments were like all saying Woodswolf Said: Blah Blah Blah Blah, and the only real comment was like saying Seals8/s80me said: Hello? Anyone who is real out there? I dont remember uch of THAT dream. Then the third was more where I was on AJ and a notice popped up saying: Animal Jam is shutting down. I cant remember much of that dream either. The fourth was.. I dont really remember. Something with Hermione Granger, from Harry potter. Hmm. What do YOU think about these dreams?

  6. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 25, 2011

    Man, we need to post more.

  7. @ s80me
    u must be a rlly lil kid to have dreams about aj

  8. Seals8/ s80me (future columist?)September 26, 2011

    I'm 8. Not really little. And also, I have had tons of dreams about AJ, beacause I play it too much. Man, AJ is addictive! And I had a really, really strange dream. Something about Harry Potter, mixed with AJ. There was also one about a series I'm reading called Animorphs. It's really old. The Animorphs dream was mixed in swith Webkinz! Also another dream that's complely Harry Potter. Hmm, I have strange dreams!

  9. Seals8/ s80me (future collumist?)September 26, 2011

    hi millicy

  10. hello millicy

  11. this is seals8 / s80me

  12. meet me on chat im back i had to clean meh room

  13. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 27, 2011

    27008 hits! We should have a party!


    Woodswolf, I'd like to be a mod. Please? I promise to help and answer other gamers questions if I can, make interesting remarks, and that stuff to make WCC a better place. If I cannot be a mod, it's fine. But please...?

    Also, I commented about a party on Aj for my birthday, and nobody came! I'm re-commenting this party details!

    What: My birthday party.

    When: This Saturday.

    Why: To celebrate my birthday

    Server and time: Desna. The party will be at 1:00- ?:?? CST.

    If you aren't in central time zone, go to

    Please bring a present!


  14. @ seals
    ya but u must have some kind of dildo stuck in ur vigina if u think ppl like u

  15. Seals8/ s80meSeptember 28, 2011

    Anostupidmouse, are u Toigerstripe? Anyhow, go play in a vat of boiling water! You are abuseing me and i'll tell Woodswolf! He will delete your comment!


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