Friday, September 9, 2011

A few things.

Hello everyone!
Sorry, I know I haven't been on in a while, but there is one thing I've noticed.
WCC is slowing down. A few reasons for this:
1. Animal Jam, the game that brings us all together, is... quite frankly, dying. Getting less fun and more unfair.
2. Everyone is branching out into different games. I am switching games almost every two weeks. It's hard to keep up these days! XD
3. I don't think anyone wants to have to listen to the little 'turf wars' that keep happening. PLEASE. Kiddy, I know that you and Tigerstripe don't exactly get along, but even then you have to remember that my Gmail has been hacked. Thrice. Once with a super-high-security password. It isn't necessarily him that's writing it. And sure, everyone listens to the argument. But for the people who want JUST the news about the games, it's not good. I won't delete the post, and you don't have to delete the post, just please remember for next time. This goes for ALL of the columnists. This is the reason I don't allow advertisements (besides Name/URL links in comments that you DON'T draw attention to; let people click if they please) because then... well, people get upset if they don't have theirs up there, or if someone does this or that, or if Billy Bob says something in a comment on Joe Smoe's post. Settle it with them without publicly embarrassing them. On a private chat, for instance.
There. It's out. NOW I will get on to another thing. More game reviews! Yay!

Pros: Big 3D game world, lots of quests, FUN!, lots of things to do
Cons: PvP is taken VERY seriously, low experience rate, download
Rating: ***

Pros: HUGE 3D game world, 3 factions battle for power, 6 total classes (3 classes, 2 subclasses each), nine unique races (in terms of backstory; there are humans for each realm), SeptemberFest experience boosts are going on right now, a few codes, PvP is well-controlled inside the realm walls, hundreds of quests
Cons: Can only switch realms once you delete all of your characters, deleting characters takes two weeks, game world is large and easy to get lost in, no quest compass, download takes a long time, game only runs correctly if installed in the Games folder, low customization
Rating: *****

Bye for now!


  1. it took a long time for there to be new post form the aj update post

  2. and.. Hi WoodsWolf Long Time No See :D (kind of)


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