Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to the Past

    i remember 1 day there was 20 bunnies(plus me) dancing and member ship was free. also top hats and glove where was AWESOME back in the past. i wish i had pics.



  1. actully blackgirl love they haven't made membership yet and the people that played during beta testing got a free membersip.

  2. Funwow,Important newsflash!August 01, 2011

    Speaking of back to the past,I'm speaking about the end of the middle ages,remember when trading came out,up to today,isn't trading getting a bit stupid?Haven't you had the feeling that you're craving to have a playdate with your buddy and their at a big trading party?Did not you have the feeling feeling left out because of,well,even a "Rare" plushie your buddy can not get over.You see,the power of love and frendship is much more powerful then rare items and even magic.but some people don't have enough of that power,so they can't get over themselves,plus,if their wasn't trading,there actually wouldn't be a lot of hacking and scamming-reason:people can't see a stash of rares on your trade list,which would make them think that you have no rares.And not everyone has an antoshing memory like me.a lot of items will come back every year anyway!Then their hacking/scamming would run out of vaule,probably give it back to you next time they see you,(Well,most likely not,but,you would get another one)The only hacking that WOULD make ANY good use is for Hjackler to hack AJ and make the firewall so NONMEMBER pets will be avalable.

    Moral of the story:If trading didn't exist their would be a lot of hacking and scamming.

    To solve the problem without getting trading unexisted,try empting your trade list and see what happens,only trade your items when you REALLY REALLY wanna,you WILL NOT GET ANY ITEMS YOU TRADE BACK UNLESS THE PERSON YOU TRADED WITH ASKS,IF YOU ASK,THEY WON'T LISTEN AND PROBABLY WILL RECYCLE IT IF YOU TRY TO ASK!


  3. Mistake of aboveAugust 01, 2011

    oops,MOral of The story:If trading didn't exist there WOULDN'T be a lot of hacking and scamming

  4. @Knightmagicclaw

    Being a player of Beta myself they actually made membership 2 days before Beta testers got that free month membaship

  5. I remember In October On my friends acount There wasn't membership I don't think...

  6. It depends on the day,I got my membership on October 16 soooo I might be becoming a nonmember soon,I like Club Penguin they let you keep everything when your membership runs out now isn't that cool?

  7. @Funwow
    Doesn't anyone want to go back to the Jamaalidays 2010, when now rare bows, reindeer masks, wreaths, Jamaalidays trees, Candy Canes, and other Holidays items were in stores for the first time? I may not have been a Beta player, and merely just a jammer that started their account sometime in November, I was still back in "the past". And remember the "Friendship Festival", which was quite fun. Everyone put rares aside (Well, actuallty, that was barely an issue, although scamming was.). And lastly, remember Lucky Day? Easter? Both were fun, and before the new ways of scamming.

  8. @ Everyone:
    I like the agreement going on here. It's nice to see instead of arguing.
    @ Funwow:
    Good spiel! I now make you WCC's OFFICIAL AJ historian. That's exactly the way I remember it. It will be on the staff list soon.
    @ Silverstorm:
    I know! Around the holidays there seem to have been less scamming. Which is good... but then bad when it's not a holiday. Right after the holidays it's always worse.

  9. sometimes when i walk through jamaa township, i feel young again. i picture it back in december 2010...

    who else remembers........:)

  10. @Key
    I remember That was The zxcvbnmqwertyuiop/Shadowclan days I remember This User Wolfwings She was so nice.

  11. @Key99
    I do. It was so much better (probably best for me because my poem was in the Jamaa Journal for three weeks). I was still discovering things, and I was still "new". Plus everyone was nice, and for the first I got free chat. I was still a nonmember (although I got membership the next month). Now I want it back. It's always awful thinking about "The Good Old Days".

  12. @key99
    me too when ever i hear the music i feel like i just made an account

  13. @ everybody
    I have an idea... If you see hjackler show him this comment.

  14. @ everybody
    I have an idea... If you see hjackler show him this comment.

  15. @Silverstorm
    I like it in October more, with the phantom game that you have to keep the candy

  16. I rember those good old days just having a care free world no hacking no scaming everything care free!!

  17. Silkystorm Aka VirgobunnyAugust 27, 2011

    It was better in the past. I joined sometime around Lucky Day 2010. Nonmembers could change item colors, recive gifts,and remember that horrible day when...the members go and get... GLOVES??!! We can't even accept them!
    Sometime in my first few months of membership, I joined bigcatsfoever. He and his team try to prevent the worst scammer in Jamaa..dens! dens has a pumpkin mask, reindeer mask, pin nonmember glove, and he teamed up with his bro, lrorb! lorlb has bigcatsfoever's lengendary glove. I found dens and asked him why he scams and hacks. Why? For fun! For fun! It was me, bigcatsfoever, bunnys5, and someone else who's username I forget. Ahh. It WAS better in the past.


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