Monday, July 18, 2011

Helloo! I'm BACK!

Hello everyone! I'm back!
I want to comment on some of the posts, right here, right now. Here are my comments:
@ adelina:
Good job. I think most people here already know about the secret color, but good job anyway :)
@ bunnylove:
That's the point of predicting! If you get it wrong, it makes it more exciting than if you get it right. All facts are predictions but not all predictions are facts. It's the most fun if you have one that follows the second quality :)
@ MaddieFox:
I respect your decision to go. BUT. You can still stay at WCC. There are other games that have no items or where scamming/hacking is impossible. Such as:
Free Realms (
FeralHeart (
The Endless Forest (

There are a few more. Speaking of this, I should make a list of the games that we have and categorize them. I'll do that soon.
Bye for now!
Whee! I saw the midnight showing! And if you're a true HP fan, take a look at these stats by MuggleNet and love them! XD
In addition to becoming top opening weekend film of all time here in the United States ($168 million), having a record-breaking opening day ($92.1 million), and shattering midnight box office records ($43.5 million), there is now another impressive number to report.
According to, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 finished the weekend making $475.5 million worldwide.
After just one weekend, the final installment in the Potter series has conjured up almost a half-billion dollars.


  1. bunnylove3July 18, 2011

    =D welcome back woodswolf!

    P.s. i probobly shouldnt tell you this but.... we all partied while you were gone! xD jk

  2. @ bunnylove:
    Well, at least you didn't nuke the place! ROFL

  3. @Woodswolf
    Welcome Back!

  4. Welcome Back Woodswolf

  5. i have a list of games i play and played

  6. YESSS! HP 7 PART 2 WASSS AWEEESOME!!!! I saw it on Friday evening and it was EPIC! Probably one of the best outta them all! XD XD..I also heard it topped Dark Knight in best opening weekend sales..XD
    "Join me, and confront your fate!"

  7. *screams so loudly everyons ears pop* I love harry potter I have all the books have seen all tthe movies put Hp 7 Pt. 2
    I want to. Sorry i was gone so long so I'm gonna post and explain

  8. I felt so sad when it ended! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. It was sooo good too!:(

  9. I felt so sad when it ended! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. It was sooo good too!:(

  10. @Jindo
    "I've always wanted to do that spell!"
    -Professor McGonagall, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

  11. Welcome back! Even though I don't get on here as much.. I quit AJ so I do not go to much AJ blogs anymore....
    But good to see ya back :3

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  13. Am I the only follower who doesn't like HP and typically never watch it and is typically NOT LOOKING GOOD for my family,and I suppose typically never watching an episode and the commericals actually give me nightmares.Well,here's one of my secrets(i am a typical 8 year old boy who is in third grade and a computer whiz,but main typical topic=HATES violence)

  14. @Silverstorm:
    Hahaha, that line Professer McGonagall says was one of the best lines in the film:). It was sad and awesome, the last one....
    "Hermione, when have any of our plans actually worked?! We plan, we get there, h*ll breaks loose!"
    (somthin' like that:)
    - Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

  15. Oh yea, sorry I havent said welcome back, woodswolf:)

  16. @ Jindo:
    I think you'd love this. It's awesome fanfiction stories by someone called paperrose.
    Officially, the first link takes place before the second, BUT it would add more mystery to the reading if you read the first one, Alternate Ending, right after you finish Chapter Nine, The Gamekeeper's Tale. It would keep you more in-the-dark about who the 'schizophrenic' character is until the last moment XD
    I'm also reading another good one which is about the length of two POAs. 78 chapters :) Here's its link:
    Happy reading!


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