Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weird Glitch: Last Wolf In Jamaa...

Today i was on animal jam, then i logged out for a couple minutes. When I logged back on it showed all the servers with one green dot (meaning empty). so i clicked Aldan...and when i entered NOBODY WAS ON. Not a single jammer in all of jamaa! It was a very strange a parallel universe of animal jam! i danced and did whatever i wanted to. i felt like the ruler of the world lol. It was fun...but lonely. i just wanted to share this with you guys because i thought it was funny and interesting. Anyways, i am not sure how this happened or how to repeat it. Animal jam has been going offline alot recently. At first i thought Animal jam had done some maintenance and i was just the first one there. but i I logged out and logged back in, and there were tons of jammers! I also asked around jamaa if Animal jam had just went offline, but they all said no. My opinion is that it was just a giant glitch and somehow it didn't show any jammers but they were there.
Hmm...Tell me what you think!

Keep on Jammin'!
bunnylove3 (Wcc columnist)

Oh and here are a few pictures!


  1. Whoa......that's an awesome glitch..:D

  2. It wasn't a glitch The Connection crashed and The Jammers couldn't connect to each other.

  3. no wonder why it wasn't loading that day funwow

  4. Funwow, above tooAugust 02, 2011

    I guess using Anonymous is getting harder,ugh,

  5. Happy CutebunnyAugust 09, 2011

    That happened to me last night


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