Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Rare" plushies...?

Ok, as you know, there are new plushies on Animal Jam. In the newspaper, it says that they are "rare". I dont really think so-I dont think so at all-that they are rare. Just click on a Jammer's player card, and go to their den-if its not locked (duh). And you shall maybe see a den with TONS and LOADS of "rare plushies". Dont ask ME why, but I think that AJ HQ is LYING. Tell me what YOU think about the "rare colored plushies".

Note that I got the idea of this post from Princess Tinywolf's post on


  1. The "rare" plushies ared mostly considered the ones with accessories, and then the one's AJ calls "rare" are "colored".

  2. Oh, and Woodswolf, Sindarny2 has a black worn blanket for trade;)

  3. @ Silverstorm:
    Thanks for the tip! I'll trade her when I can :)
    @ adelina:
    Well, that's just what they called them. The ones with accessories are truly rare (people will trade a lot of plushies for them; always deny! Rare for rare!).

  4. @Woodswolf
    I have so many rare plushies. Like, real rare plushies. People have been trading me Spiked/Spiky Merchandise for orange rhinos and black elephants...Which aren't the ones that are my "style".

  5. @ Silverstorm:
    Wow... That's really weird.
    I also heard someone crying over a pink rhino... I wonder what they gave for it.

  6. @Woodswolf
    It is weird. Poor jammer:(...Yeah, I do like them a little bit, but not as much as purple, green, or blue (my fav colors!!!). Brown plushies are pretty popular too...

  7. @ Silverstorm:
    I like purple, blue, green, red and pink. But I don't really care what color :)
    And why are brown ones so popular? Seriously...

  8. @Woodswolf and Silverstorm
    I dont know why, but brown ones ARE quite popular. I think that the "rare" plushies now are the "normal ones".

  9. I got one earlier's a yellow panda plushie with sunglasses.

    1. Me too!!! Even thought I know im responding 4 years after the comments :P

  10. A lot of people are into crocs now. I have all of the rare plushies, (I would assume. How many different types of rare plushies are there? If anyone knows please tell me) But the only one I am missing is the brown croc with wings. Gaaahhh!!! I want it soo badly. If nyone has a spare winged croc they would like to give up please find me as Lazy666 on AnimalJam. Thank you very much. (:

  11. AnonymousJune 02, 2012

    why are brown plushies so popular i have alot of the right in my den sometimes people think that the rare plushies have clothes or things or they are regular animals they have rare giraffes right now

  12. Hi. Lemme bring this up: Are phantom plushies rare? I have 2 of them.... Add me C: Im JammerViolet600 btw. Thanks!!!!

  13. Also, I just got 6 brown plushies... Is that good??


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