Friday, February 18, 2011

WCC's first post!

Hello gamers of all shapes and sizes!
Meet the manager of a NEW site focusing strictly on CODES, CHEATS, and TIPS to help you get the most out of your games. I am Woodswolf. Let me tell you a bit about myself.
For one thing, I am DEFINITELY a gamer. I play lots of games online and off (by offline, I mean downloaded to a computer :) ).
I know A LOT about all the games I play, and I use it to enhance my playing experience. Do you want this same experience?
Well, first we need to set some ground rules. Over the next few weeks I will be updating (and re-updating) everything on WCC. If you don't know what this means, FYI:
Woodswolf's Code Central = WCC
So, first:

Animal Jam rules:
1. I don't want to see any posts about becoming Guides! They are wastes of space (I'll explain later)
2. If you have a cheat or code to send me / if you want to tell me about something off topic of the post, please send it by e-mail to . When I post it (IF I post it) I will give you credit.
3. If you have complaints, DO NOT POST THEM OR SEND THEM. Please notify me in a nice way.

Free Realms rules:
1. Please don't feel as though you are being ignored. It's just that I don't play that much Free Realms anymore. I still have lots of cheats up my sleeve, but again, Animal Jam is newer and easier to blog about.
2. The rest of the rules from the Animal Jam section apply, but you can ignore #1. I do not know if there are moderaters running around Free Realms...

So, thank you everyone for making WCC a success!


  1. bunnylove3June 13, 2011

    ^.^ very first post.... =)

  2. @ bunnylove3:
    I know. It's kinda sad that it's the only comment...
    Reminds me of AJR... I made the first comment on her first post... :(

  3. The comments you posted were posted ON MY BIRTHDAY.Anyway,I have spent a very hard time on some website I have up my sleeve.But I'll release them,soon,when it's time,or at least when I find a way to make it public like Fuzzy did Because when I put in my URL it never works,More importantly Wix is not that good,Of how she had the link,well,I'm not even old enough for a Google account so no blogger for me.I'll have to release my website in eh,bout a few years.You''l see some rumors about what's on my site,But those might not be just about AJ,most likely some of those,uh,things Key likes(NOT star wars)Hint Hint,they are powerful.

    Jamoramabye!(my new motto,it's short for:Jam on Jammers,See ya "there")


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