Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Play Wild Video!

Hello everyone!
Take a look at this new video released by AJ HQ on TDE:

Neat, huh? I like it!
Bye for now!


  1. Tellz ya the feature of aj is 3-d

  2. Tellz ya the feature of aj is 3-d

  3. LimekittenAugust 13, 2012

    Who wants a story?

    WE DO! Signup form:

    Name: (can be anything_)
    Personality: (whatever you want as long as it's nothing inapropriate)
    Description: (tell us about the character! how he/she looks, his/her history, anything you like!)

    Summary: After Darkness before the Dawn takes place, the phantom king has been defeated. Years later, the phantoms regain their strength and create horrible Lightning Beasts, electric blue wolf-like balls of energy that can open all the entrances to Jamaa. They re-kidnap Mira, and it is said that the One with the fire in her fur will save them with her companions...

    Meanwhile, an ordinary house cat living with Misty Smith gets swept up into Jamaa. Will Jamaa be destroyed forever? Or is it only a matter of time befote the One comes?
    Animal: (anything in AJ, really. i have a hamster a cat and a dog, which count because they are pet types in AJ. my human is an exception.)

    Woods. Mil, and Tiny are automatically entered. Here's Chapter one.

    _________Name Needed______________

    Chapter One: Jamaa Is Real

    Holly stretched out on the rug. Her owner Misty scooped her up and petted her. "I have to go to the store, Holly. Stay here and be a good cat." Misty smiled and set her down. Holly was an ordinary house cat living with Misty Smith, a 25 year old vet who owned a rabbit named Tiny, a hamster named Allie, and a cocker spaniel named Ginger. Holly now lay down on the sofa next to Ginger. “If I ever left Misty, what would happen?” she asked the wise old dog. “She loves you. Why would you leave her?” Ginger replied, his ears twitching. “What if someone took me away?” she asked. “Misty would look for you, I’m sure. If she couldn’t find you, well, that’s life.” He replied, turning away. Tiny flicked the lock on her cage open and hopped out, smiling. “Why are you so worried?” she asked. Tiny was a carefree rabbit who was unpredictable, slightly crazy, and whose favorite food was leftover Thanksgiving dinner. Her brown and white speckled fur was wet, most likely because Misty had just given her a bath. “I had a dream,” she admitted. “It was that I got sucked into a portal to a place called Jamaa, and there was no Misty there.” “Aw, that’s not going to happen.” Tiny said loudly. Allie grunted and mumbled something about how Tiny should respect animals like her that were mostly nocturnal. “Sorry, Allie.” Tiny said sheepishly, cringing. Ginger’s snores were the last thing Holly heard before a pink portal appeared and Tiny and her disappeared into the depths.
    You can vote for the name!

    Woulde you prefer:

    Jamaa Adeventures

    Lost World

    Hidden Lands

    After the Dawn (1 vote from me)

    Rise of The Phantoms

    The Lost Wanderer

    or Phantoms Dawn Again?

    I'm out.

    -**Limekitten, Possible WCC Mod **

  4. Chapter one's not complete, so that's a sneak peek.

  5. Breaking the silence, they also posted on TDE the following:

    We all know that Jamaa is a magical land that is filled with fun and mystery. There are even reports that some pretty amazing things can happen when lots of Jammers gather together.

    Rumor has it that there Jammers can have some pretty “phantastic” dreams when they sleep around the crumbled statue in the Lost Temple of Zios…

    Check it out!
    Limekitten AKA LimeyCat

  6. Hello Jammers!

    We appreciate all the hard work you put into blogging about our site, Woodswolf. I'm glad you think our video is good.

    Sincerely, Animal Jam HQ

  7. Limey the storywriter yay! Limekitten limeycat.August 15, 2012

    Part Two Chapter one:

    Holly blinked. This couldn’t be! She closed her eyes. When I open my eyes I’ll be back home with Allie and Misty and Ginger. She slowly opened her eyes. The animal staring into her face was not Ginger, Allie, or Tiny. It was a fox. “Ahhhh!” she screamed. “Hi hi hi! I’m Eternal Snowylily and this is Jamaa Township and where did you come from you weren’t here a second ago and is this rabbit your friend and I’ve never seen anything like you are you a plant or an animal or a food?” Holly stared. “Can you talk are you even alive maybe you’re a food and if you can talk please tell me what you are!!” Holly looked to her right. There was Tiny, evidently still asleep. “Uh, I’m Holly, and this is Tiny. She’s a rabbit. I’m a cat. Wait, you don’t know what a cat is? Where am I?” Eternal smiled. “I told you this is Jamaa Township, center of Jamaa! Jamaa? Then that means… my dream! It was real! Suddenly the earth started shaking. “Quick! Inside NOW!” Suddenly Eternal was businesslike and commanding. Holly scooped Tiny onto her back and followed Eternal. “It’s another earthquake. Everything’s been so bad since the Phantoms took Mira.” Eternal’s smile faded, her eyes no longer bright. “ We sent out a search party. But Russet and Pyrite never returned. Hope came back, but she’s in bad condition. She can’t tell us what happened to the other two because she’s too shaken. But we have one small hope. A prophecy from long ago tells that darkness will come before the dawn rises, and that the one with fire in her fur will rise with the snowy pebble rabbit and the everlasting lily to save Jamaa from dying forever. If only prophecies were simple and clear, like a letter saying that these animals will save us at this time. We can only hope.” Holly was awestruck. “We’ve got to do something!” Eternal shook her head. “Not yet, Holly. I see your friend is waking up.” Tiny yawned and opened her eyes. “W-where are we?” After filling Tiny in on what was happening, a horse walked in, wide eyed.


  8. Limeey the storywriteer!August 15, 2012

    Chapter one part 3:

    “Hi. I’m Flora.” The horse shyly turned her head away, a shy smile on her face. “Flora’s kind of shy.” Flora was a black horse with a white lighting bolt pattern. Holly didn’t mind Flora’s shyness. “She’s brave when she needs to be, and very loyal. It’s not that she’s a scaredy cat, she’s just, well, shy.” Eternal explained. Holly smiled. She loved her new friends in Jamaa already, and was glad she had Tiny with her (Tiny was in the garden eating the carrot patch up) but she missed Misty, Ginger and Allie so much. If only they were here with her. Suddenly clouds rolled in, even though it had been sunny minutes ago. Tiny ran inside soaked, carrots hanging from her mouth. “The phantoms!” Eternal screamed. “They’re here!” Shutters were closed. Lightning flashed and black shapes began to appear. “The Phantoms! They’re coming!” Blue lighting bolts zapped around the phantoms, and they hovered above one wolf still trapped in the street. “No!” The wolf was batting at them with her paws. “You can’t! You’re not taking us!” Staring, Holly realized there were two wolves out there, taking turns shielding each other. Then one wolf gave a phantom a powerful kick that knocked it unconscious. The other phantoms left quickly, scared that the wolf would do it again. The rain slowly stopped, and the wolves lay down near the entrance to the forest.

  9. Limeycat writer! it's been limekitten all alog!August 15, 2012

    finally part 4 chapter one!

    “Hi, I’m Woods. This is Millicy.” Woods gestured to the black and white wolf lying on the ground, her fox hat crooked. Woods herself was white and brown. Millicy raised her head a little. “I’nn Muhlizzy..” she said, and then she lay back down. Woods had been laying down too at first, but now had the strength to sit up. “Hi Woods! Hi Millicy! PARTY!” shouted Tiny. Holly rolled her eyes, her reddish gold fur flapping in the wind. She flicked her tail over Tiny’s mouth to stop her. “Hey! Whater youh doomping?” Tiny flicked her ears in annoyance. Holly smiled. “She means that she LOVES it when I do that.” “NOH IH DON’PH!” Tiny yelled. “That means she wants me to press my tail harder, right, Tiny?” Woods and Eternal laughed. “Lemme GOH!” Tiny screamed this time. “Fine.” Even Holly was laughing. Tiny was bouncing up and down now, enjoying a conversation with a very talkative Woods. “And then I kicked the phantom to Mt. Shiveer!” Tiny clapped. “Did not!” Millicy was stirring. “Mil, you’ve been asleep for an hour.” Millicy gave her a look. “That’s more than you can say.” Woods looked surprised. “No it’s not. I can say apple and peach and yellow grape and mushu and…” Right about then was the time everybody went and stuffed cotton balls in their ears. (Eternal’s house was across the street, which is where they got the cotton balls.) They took it out as soon as Woods was done saying every word in the dictionary that they had ripped half the pages out of plus a few nonsense words. Then Woods put on a hippo mask and superhero cape and started reading Shakespeare while Tiny bounced on her head. Holly checked the calendar, and sure enough it was Randomness Day.

  10. Limey... again...August 15, 2012


  11. Me again. Guess who?August 15, 2012

    I know I am excessive in commenting.

  12. Yes, again it's limey.August 15, 2012

    14 comments. 10 by me, one by AJ HQ, two by wolves and one by millicy.

  13. HI I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! And Woods I expect Limekitten-if thats how she calls herself-(my friend on AJ s80me) to tell you that I-well-er-kindaforgotmypassword!-.-" Super sorry!

    MythCat the er lame-because-she-forgot-her-password-and-didnt-even-comment-by-Name/URL...

  14. But I didnt forget my AJ password!!!!It was my blogger one!!!!!!!!!


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