Saturday, May 18, 2013

Carnival and almost nothing else (Little tidbit at end of 6 words)

The summer carnival is back,nothing else.

WCC is dying,
We are almost sure of it.
But it's not our fault.
AJ is getting greedy
They don't give a **** about nonmembers
They give horrid updates
Very rarely good
AJ just isn't fun anymore
 Moral of the story: Maybe it's time to give up AJ
Maybe we should try a new game
And resurrect all the greatness we've left behind
Yet with a new idea
It's not WCC falling
WCC was never going to turn up like AJR
And it never will
My friends, it is AJ falling

P.S After starting new game, a memorial page might be nessecary
This is just a suggestion,
it's up to woods if she likes it or not


If we do decide to quit, Funwow, a memorial page will be written.
But I don't want to. 


  1. I'm not giving up AJ and when I posted my post I saw that Woods made a draft but I didn't read it....


  2. I know a few games we could try!

    FeralHeart: It rarely ever updates, but there is a LOT of customization in it and the community is pretty nice too!

    Roblox: It updates, but it's hard to see exactly what was updated, the community is, well, it's sorta rare to find someone who is actually nice, but it let's you make your own game or play games that others have made, there is a LOT of customization for those games, you can make anything if you know how.

    I also have an idea, how about every week someone posts about a game that they like (It can be an MMO or not) and then explain things about it in the post.

  3. @Myth
    I read it e.e
    Its from a while ago. If you want hope, don't read it.

    1. It's not what you think.

      I'm sorry.

  4. @Darling

    You're making me curious about the post...eek!


  5. Guys, you know you can just click "Reply" below a post instead of saying "@Name" at the start of your comment. :U


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