Tuesday, June 18, 2013


...hi everyone...

...adventures look super cool.

and now i'm sad.

because i can't beta test.

yes i am going to type like this until i can adventure because i am sad so you better just deal with it.

also look at this.
it makes me sad.

first to explore, which means that they're going to make nonmembers lag behind for ages and ages between adventures. not to mention that ajhq will probably never release the last few adventures to give players more reasons to upgrade to the club
and secret areas, which means rare loot and possibly even battles or bosses that i can't show you.

it's not like i didn't expect it, though, knowing ajhq.
i guess i'll just have to deal with it, since i have no way to pay for a membership.

there's no way you can tell that i have been looking forward to this for centuries.
that was so sarcastic i won't even comment on its sarcasticness, thus causing a sarcastic paradox.

also they have levels.
in other words, my guesses about general quests and experience gaining were correct.
i can't check.

anyway, the new dot on the left side of a player's nametag shows their level, and their rank.
circle is rank one, levels 1-4. star is rank two, probably 6-10, but the highest i've seen is a level 7, and since some person that i saw outside this picture was shouting about "how'd you get to level 7" or whatever i would assume that it's 'glitched' or cheated. perhaps if we are actually fighting phantoms, they simply ground the mobs for a few levels?


there's a new mystery shop of mystery in the home base camp.
i think i know what it's for, but i don't really know what they are. perhaps if the tooltip is correct, they are weapons.
the clothing sort calls them items, though.

see that?
i wouldn't be surprised if soon they reveal that those swords you were equipping to your back before get moved to the item slot.
and get used as weapons.
they'll probably have magic wands or something too.
because they basically have to.

and so, since i have to end this thing somewhere, i have to end it.
this is much less hopeful than it seems on the surface.
let's take a look at another 'still-being-tested' feature.
when did that begin testing?
oh, just over a year ago.

in other words they didn't give us a set release time either.
so they've stuck us non-members in the same loop as they still have us snared in with writing personalized jam-a-grams.

so i think i'll end this overly depressing post with that.
see why this suddenly became the worst update ever for me?

bye for now.


  1. Lime Kitten's Report On Quests (because she is a member)

    There are two quests, Training Grounds, where you meet Liza and learn how to escape phantoms, and Return Of The Phantoms which I couldn't do because my brother was nagging me for the computer.

    Summary Of Training Grounds

    Hiding in tall grass makes them not see you, and leading them towards the giant flytrap and then the flytrap eats them. You can also run away. This one is kinda boring, honestly. Also, if you complete your training, you get level One. The levels only show in the training grounds, however. Also, I'm really sorry Woods, if it makes you feel better, I'm gonna try and email AJHQ about the dumb member only thing. I now feel guilty for being a member :-\

    1. It's not like I didn't expect it. And it's not like it's going to make any difference.

      The thing that really made me depressed, though, was their wording, as I demonstrated at the end of the post.

    2. I'm depressed, but I asked my friend and she says "Just don't protest, because then they'll take away quests instead." That is some extremely faulty logic.

  2. Am I the only one who actually comments on this blog? O_o

    Also, happy belated anniversary for coming to WCC to me. :( Bleh...

    Anywho... err, bye, because I should probably end this pretty much pointless comment.

    :( Bleh..


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