Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, I'm sorry that I forgot to update on Thursday... I was busy. :(

But let's get to the update! Lots of things happened this week, including the revival of Jamaa's favorite Halloween celebration, Night of the Phantoms! :D

So now you know that I have to be dressed up in dark demon costumes. XD


The next thing is that there's a new Adventure, available (unfortunately) for members only at this time. Apparently, though, you get to go off into the Phantom Hive and face the Phantom King in battle! :D

Elephants have finally returned from wherever they were (why is it that they're coming back so much later than the other animals that went to find Kimbara Outback...?).

Pet tarantulas, new this year, will be available in the Diamond Shop starting October 1st! Go pick yours up... well, three days from now. Pet bats have returned this year as well, and are making their appearance in the Spooky Party.

A new feature was added to Adventures this week with the introduction of the Adventure Map. I have yet to see this feature in action, but it supposedly brings up a picture of the area you're in so that you can find your way back from being lost.

Finally, it's the most obvious pun-riddle in the history of AJ animal reveals: Cheetahs are soon coming to Jamaa. Fast as lightning, spotty as a polkadot wallpaper... it would be a bigger surprise if they weren't the next animal. XP

The Haunted Mansion den has made a reappearance this year, and members can buy it for 6500 gems in the Den Shop. Get yours today!

It also seems there are two Halloween-themed parties this year: the Spooky Party, and the Haunted Forest Party. Last year, I remember there was only one party...?

The Phantom Vortex has made a reappearance as well! If you aren't the adventuring type, wanting to beat up Phantoms, this is the place for you.

The Phantom Vortex is a very interesting place to be, with its spooky electronic music and animated background. But the main attraction of the Vortex is its game, Phantoms! This year, as in previous years, if you beat level five (an easy thing to do... it takes only about three minutes) you win a prize! This year's prize is a HEAVY PHANTOM STATUE that comes in five different colors! (However, if you don't like the color you get, you'll have to trade for a different color; you can only win a prize once.)

Finally, if you haven't redeemed the AJBDAY3 code, you should do so! It's a great, interesting addition to any Den!

Well, that's about it, I think!
Bye for now!


  1. Kewl you have scary wings!!!
    Myth who STILL cant play AJ!!!>:(

  2. Me changed da profile picky :D


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