Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, three years ago around this time, AJ emerged from BETA and was officially released! And now, AJ wants to celebrate with a good-sized update for us!

First thing, a new Adventure has been released for everyone! THE PHANTOM PORTAL can now be played by all Jammers!

Though I wasn't able to take screenshots, me and Millicy did the Adventure together, and, well... shenanigans XD

There's also a new party! The AJ BIRTHDAY PARTY is similar to the one they had last year - we get to play on a giant purple CAKE! ;D

Third, there's a new code! Enter AJBDAY3 when you log in to get a super-awesome CAKE! :D
(Hint: click on the Hot Cocoa Hut! ;D)

Next, there's a new MEDICAL CENTER located in Kimbara Outback! Go there to find new clothing items, including casts and this really weird Band-Aid that goes on your nose XD

There have also been some other updates concerning Adventures, as well. First, members can now invite friends or other people to join Adventures by clicking the new 'Host an Adventure' button on the menu.
Secondly, there's a new ADVENTURE SHOP where you can buy all of your Adventure-related gear, including Phantom Pens, Phantom Coops and Phantom Crates. XP
Thirdly, the layout for the Base Camp has changed yet again, to make it slightly easier to navigate. :P
Fourthly (wow, this is getting long XD), Meet Cosmo is now available for members to play in Hard Mode.

And, for the final point, elephants are returning to Jamaa. Can someone remind me when they left...? XD

Bye for now!


  1. I wanna play now! :D
    But I think my membership is already expired D: Oh well that's ok :)


  2. Am I da only kinda daily commenter ova here???!!!


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